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Provided an organization is using both the Risk Management and the Process Control applications, then the local PC sub processes could be used as local activities in RM. This will explain the steps for integrating the RM Activity and PC local Sub processes.



Following are the major steps for reusing the local sub process in Risk management as Activity:

1)     Maintain activity types in IMG. This enables to group similar activity categories under one activity type in the application.

2)     Access the Master Data work center and click the Activity Hierarchy link under Activities and Processes.

3)     The activity hierarchy overview screen opens. Select an activity category and make note of it.

4)     Access transaction GRFN_STR_CHANGE in the back-end system and go to the section on activity categories.

5)     Below the activity category item, select Search Term to find the activity category that you are working within the application. The result list is displayed at the
bottom left of the screen.

6)     Select the activity category at the bottom left to see the data for it on the right hand screen sections.

Steps for Integration

Define Activity type

The Activity Type represents on hierarchy of the activities. The activity types can be defined via following:

Transaction SPRO -> Governance, Risk and Compliance -> Risk Management -> Master Data Setup -> Maintain Activity Types.


Define Activity Hierarchy & Select an Activity Category

The activity type is offered in the Activity Hierarchy Maintenance. One can run activity hierarchy maintenance by the following way:

Logon via GRC Portal/NWBC -> Go to work center Master Data -> Activity and Processes -> Activity Hierarchy

Populate the hierarchy with the newly created Activity categories.  Here it’s three root activity categories

Switch on the Integration between Activity Hierarchy and Business Process Catalog

The integration is switch on for particular activity category from the particular hierarchy. Let’ one needs to switch on the integration for activity category ‘Activity category 1 (root)’ from the activity hierarchy ‘Test Activity Type’.

Run transaction GRFN_STR_CHANGE and display activity category ‘Activity category 1 (root)’.

Set the attribute value Prefix ID to PROCESS and save.

From this moment the integration is switch on for the activity category ‘Activity category 1 (root)’ from the activity hierarchy ‘Test Activity Type’.

Impact of the integration on the Activity Hierarchy

The first integration impact is that the Business Process Catalog is displayed under the root activity category for which the integration was switched of.

In the system the following Business Process Catalog is there:

Now the Business Process Catalog is displayed under the activity category ‘Activity category 1 (root)’ from the activity hierarchy ‘Test Activity Type’.


Impact of the integration on the Activities

The second impact of the integration is that the local sub process will be displayed as activities.

The Activity POWL could be navigated via:  logon into GRC Portal/NWBC  -> go to work center Assessments -> Risk Assessments -> Activities



After the integration is switch on, the list of the activities will contain also local sub process. This object will look like activity.

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