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1 Overview

User replacement is performed when one person will no longer be performing that role and the new person assuming this role will inherit the work items still open from that older user.

Replacement is different from simply changing the user assignment on the entity or using GRC Role Assignments > Organizations and GRC Role Assignments > Business Processes, as these other options will not move the work items, only Replacement will.

2 Configuration

To ensure that replacements will happen correctly on the expected date, it's necessary to schedule the replacement job.

3 Replacement

3.1 Creating a User Replacement

To replace the user assigned to a role and move all the work items to the new user, use Access Management > GRC Role Assignments > Replacements:


Create a new replacement by clicking on Replace or Remove:


3.2 Select the user to be replaced

Use the search box to find the user who will no longer be performing one or more of the roles, so that they can be replaced to a new user:


3.3 Select the new user for the role

At the Define Replacement step the new user who will assume the role and work items needs to be informed along with the date that this replacement shall take place:

Note that the effective date of a replacement needs to be in the future. It cannot be any day in the past or the current day.


3.4 Review and save the replacement

On the review stage make sure the dates are correct and the replacement to be performed can be confirmed:


The change/replacement is confirmed and saved:


Back to the Replacement window we can see the entry created for the initial user and the role.


Creating and saving a replacement entry will replace the user assignment on the role immediately and this can be seen on the object assignment:


The work items will remain in the intial user inbox until the day the replacement takes place. When the effective date of the new user assigned to the role comes, the replacement will happen according to the explained on the next section.

3.3 Background Replacement Execution

When the replacement entry is saved on the frontend, two things happen:

  • it creates a record on table HRP1852 (frontend assignment seen on image above):

  •  And a record placed on GRFNREPLACEMENT:

It's this record on GRFNREPLACEMENT that will be used by program GRFN_REPLACEMENT_MASS_ACTIVATE to recalculate the workitems:


The forwarding of Work Items will consider only the WIs related to the replaced role. The Start Date is checked against GRFNREPLACEMENT column VALID_FROM and only records with valid from date smaller < or equal = the start date of the program (current day) will be processed. The new recipients of the work items are calculated as default through GRFN_GET_AGENTS and since the new user is assigned at HRP1852 for the current day onwards this new user should be the recipient.


Results of the replacement job can be seen on SLG1 by searching for object GRFN and subobject REPLACEMENT:


If WIs for the initial user exist and were forwarded they are shown in the logs with the WI ID specified, like this:


4 Related Content

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4.2 SAP Knowledge Base Articles

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DISCLAIMER: Image/data in this WIKI is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental.




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