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The purpose of this page is to clarify the understanding of the system logic and requirements in relation to Rule Setup Menu.


The GRC Rule Setup Menu is used on Process Control for all things related to CCM Scenario. This includes managing the Data Sources, Business Rules and Automated Monitoring jobs

Rule Setup Topics:

Under the GRC Rule Setup you can see these topics:

Data SourcesFirst stage of the CCM Process where the Data Source is created to provide data to be analysed.
Business Rules ParametersOptional Step for CCM Process where one can create parameters tied to the organization which facilitates certain CCM Rules
Business RulesThe second stage of CCM, where one can create the object that holds the filter and criteria to determine deficiency on top of the data analysed.
Business Rules AssignmentThird Stage of CCM, here the user will assign the Business Rules to the Controls.
Automated MonitoringFourth stage of CCM when the user creates the jobs that will actually gather live data and apply the rules to them determine if there are deficiencies on the Automated Test of Control Effectiveness.
Job MonitorLast stage where the results of the CCM jobs are monitored and their results can be reviewed.


  • Image 1: Rule Setup Menu.
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