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Many times the firefighter log collection stop functioning but the background job finishes without error. So after sometime the problem is found. But the original cause of the issue  is not available.


This document will explain how to check original issue that hampers the log collection and steps to get the missing logs.

Follow the following steps for troubleshooting

  1. Go to SE11, check table GRACTASKEXECSTMP for last time CHANGE_LOG task was executed. Also check SPM_WORKFLOW_SYNC task for last execution date. This will provide the last successful execution of the log sync program.

  2. Then Go to SLG1 for the date found in table for CHANGE_LOG task and  check the logs for Object GRAC and Subobject SPM.

  3. The exact error will be found in SLG1. By using that information one can resolve the issue.
  4. Also one can check the ST22 dump in plugin system for the date found in GRACTASKEXECSTMP table.
  5. If any dump or error is found , resolve the issue.
  6. Then run the GRAC_EAM_TASK_TIMESTAMP_UPDATE to update the last execution time to current UTC time.

  7. Monitor GRAC_SPM_LOG_SYNC_UPDATE program if it's running fine

Capture Missing logs

If one needs to capture the missing logs, use program GRAC_EAM_LOG_SYNC_TIMEBASED. if the logs are for huge time interval, then it could be scheduled also.

This program takes Connector and timestamp as it's input. Also if workflow/email needs to be generated one can select that option.

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