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The purpose of this page is to clarify the understanding and behavior of the Threshold browser functionality.


Threshold Browser functionality was introduced as part of GRC 10.1.

The thresholds browser is a tool to browse and maintain thresholds on organizational units, activities, and risk categories. For organizational units, it allows the maintenance of the standard impact thresholds, the risk summary thresholds and risk appetite. For activities and risk categories, you can only maintain the risk summary thresholds.

These thresholds are used in the ad-hoc risk escalation process(see Ad-hoc risk escalation process)

Risk Thresholds:

In the Risk Thresholds tab, you can see the various risk thresholds with their impact levels. Here you can specify the lower and upper limit for each impact level in monetary terms. 

Risk Thresholds are maintained inside the relevant organization as the below example:

Risk Summary

On the Risk Summary tab, you can determine the Risk Level and currency and maintain the thresholds. 

To maintain the risk summaries in the threshold browser, follow the path: SAP Customizing->Governance, Risk and Compliance->Risk Management->Master Data Setup->Risk Summary Settings.

Entity Setting and Central Thresholds must be maintained as the below examples:

Entity Settings:

Central Thresholds:

Risk Summary tab inside the relevant organization:

Risk Appetite

In the Risk Appetite tab, you can select the qualitative appetite from the dropdown options and also, specify a monetary value as the upper limit for the qualitative appetite.

Risk Appetite are maintained inside the relevant organization as the below example:

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