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Points to check when troubleshooting HR Trigger related issues in AC 5.3 version.

This document covers troubleshooting for HR Triggers related issues.  The configuration checks and the frontend and backend tables involved in HR Trigger functionality for AC 5.3.

Frontend Configuration checks:

  • Actions : What to do when a rule is encountered
  • Rules    : When will the action be performed
  • Field Mapping :Map SAP HR fields to CUP fields
  • Process Log   :Record of CUP updates through HR Triggers

  • To Check if the frontend and backend data are in sync:

Check if the the trigger ID in the table /VIRSA/INT_TRIG in the backend HR System (r/3 system), the last value (maximum value)of the field INTERFTRIGID  matches the value of TRIGGERID in the table VIRSA_AE_SYS_TRIG.

If not, then probably data issue as frontend and backend data is not in sync, and it should be in sync for triggers to work.

  • To Check if the backend tables have data which will be pulled by Frontend CUP background jobs:

Check backend tables for data (SE16):

/VIRSA/DATA – Check data within a trigger

/VIRSA/INT_TRIG – To check if the HR event is triggered, it will have trigger id in column INTERFTRIGID.

  • Check if the frontend HR Trigger jobs are successfully completed.

HR Trigger Background jobs order :

  1. HR Trigger Load data
  2. HR Trigger job


  • To Check Error in Process Logs
  • Check frontend for any errors related to workflow For ex  No initiator found: Check for HR Trigger Workflow:

If there are some new entries in the Process Logs which are not processed to create a request then there might be some actions that are incomplete due to insufficient data, resulting in subsequent entries not being processed.

  • Check the System Log for additional information.
  • Run the “HR Triggers” job to create the request for all the triggers in “Not  processed” status.
  • After completion of job please check the process log again, it will show you the request no.  created and the status will be “In Process” now. 
  • If the workflow or the approvers are not configured properly then you will see a       message in the process logs and requests will not be created. If data is not getting captured for all the mandatory fields, specified in “End User   Personalization” screens


  • Check  if the connector type is set to Type HR  or not.
  • Check Field mapping table: To verify field mapping: 


  • It is recommended to use the standard mapping provided out of the box with CUP
  • If additional fields are made mandatory at end user form customization, please ensure that they are mapped to HR fields.
  • HR Trigger Rule related errors:  
  • Check Rules:   If after configuring the HR Triggers, request does not get initiated in CUP then check if the rules maintained in CUP are being mapped to backend or not.
  •  Go to SE16 and enter the table name /VIRSA/RULEATTR. This gives the list of all the rules that will be checked in backend while running HRTrigger load data job.


HR Trigger Tables :

Frontend tables HR Trigger tables:





Backend HR Trigger tables:






What is Direct Provisioning for HR Triggers ?

  • Position does not have roles associated.
  • HR Event triggers a CUP request.
  • During the workflow approval process, the approver manually adds/remove roles
  • Roles are provisioned to SU01.


What is Indirect Provisioning for HR Triggers ?

 For HR trigger indirect provisioning, only Position type is supported


  • CUP fetches roles from Position for the request.
  • During the workflow approval process, approver can remove roles or add additional roles.
  • Roles will be provisioned to Position, therefore roles are provisioned to user indirectly.
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