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Welcome to the Wiki space for Healthcare. In this space we would like to encourage the Healthcare community to share knowledge about SAP for Healthcare solutions, business processes and other relevant topics. The space is set up as a Public Expert Wiki - this means that you have to register as an editor before you can collaborate in this space. Everybody can comment, of course.  


Moderators of this WIKI section are Gero Lurz, Claudius Metze, Robert Mathiowetz and Katharina Drouin.

Healthcare related links

Healthcare Forum
Healthcare Blogs
SAP Healthcare Consulting Services

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Page:
    FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) contain a collection of issues and questions with solutions and answers to topics around SAP for Healthcare.

Guides, How-To's

  • Page:
    Product Guides — Official SAP product guides are available for the following products in the healthcare area:
    • SAP Patient Management
    • SAP Patient Management, Add-on for Mobile
    • SAP Ambulatory Care Management
    • SAP Connected Health platform
    • SAP Medical Research Insights
    • SAP Health Engagement


Country Specific Information

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    Country Specific Content — Due to the many country-specific requirements we offer a space for country-specific contributions around SAP for Healthcare.


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