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Workflow FAQ - Workflow on the Web

Dealing with Web-based execution, Portals and the Universal Worklist

The Universal Worklist

Answers - Universal Worklist

What are the limitations of the UWL?

Whilst the UWL is a powerful tool for collating alerts, work items, guided procedures and more from different systems, it has some limitations compared to the SAP Business Workplace (SBWP).
These are fully described in note 794439 "Universal Worklist support for SAP Business Workflow"
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A user has to return to the UWL for each step. How can they be executed together like in the SAPGUI?

The feature by which a user can execute multiple work items one after another without returning to the inbox is referred to as synchronous dialog chains and can be controlled by the "Advance With Dialog" checkbox in the workflow builder. As described in the note on limitations (see previous question), this is unfortunately a technological limitation: A user session cannot be maintained when different technologies are used for subsequent steps.
A common example, is a decision step followed by an input box requesting a reason for rejection. The decision might be a Java-based iview, followed by a WinGUI step. A workarounds would be to ensure that all 'chained' steps are WinGUI-based (i.e. SAP Transactions or ABAP dialog modules). This is not always possible, particularly with ESS/MSS and similar applications which have pure web-based components.
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Are Secondary Methods possible in the UWL?

Yes, have a look at Ginger Gatling's blog Support for secondary methods in UWL! where you can see exactly how it works. Note this is version/support pack dependent, so also have a look at the following notes:
Note 883964 - Secondary methods for work items in the Universal Worklist
Note 882731 - Support of secondary method in UWL
Note 864516 - Secondary methods for UWL
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