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Workflow FAQ - Further resources

Links, links, links: documentation and tutorials and other references

Further resources

Answers - Further resources

I am new to workflow. Are there any tutorials available?

  • There are several in the online help. Use the menu item Help => SAP Library to open the online help and search for workflow tutorial. Alternatively start up Firefox, Opera, Internet Exploder or whatever you use to surf the net and head on over to
  • Cllick-thru tutorial that accompanies one of the workflow books showing how to configure an SAP delivered workflowto use it in production.
  • Building a workflow from scratch elearning that walks you through building your first workflow with voice explanation.
  • Adding a start condition elearning that explains how to add a start condition to your workflow. 
  • Using the event trace elearning walks you through using the event trace to know what events are happening in your system. This knowledge enables your workflow design to build on what SAP delivers.
  • Extending a BOR object elearning walks through adding custom attribute and event to existing SAP object, and uses it in a workflow. 
  • This elearning session on UWL, Web Dynpro ABAP, and Workflow shows how to use them together for effective decision making.  This is an hour long webinar delivered for ASUG that has all the components and pieces required. 

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Which SAP courses are relevant for Workflow?

SAP offer the following courses:
BIT600 SAP Business Workflow - Concepts, Inboxes, Reporting and Template Usage
BIT601 SAP Business Workflow - Build and Use
BIT603 SAP Business Workflow and Web Scenarios
BIT610 SAP Business Workflow - Programming
TAWF10 SAP Business Workflow Academy
EP600   Universal Worklist Customizing and Configuration
See for more info.
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Can I get certified in Workflow?

No. SAP offered a Workflow certification many moons ago, but stopped doing it shortly thereafter.

What are important OSS Notes for WF?

Note No



MIC:Improve the performance of inbox.


Performance in Business Workplace


Performance workflow


Workflow system performance, recommendations


Performance increase for instance linkage


Optimizing Workflow Performance_


Shutdown of the log of workflow events


Debugging workflows


Accessing the Consultants forum for SAP Business Workflow/WebFlow


Course TAWF10


Automatic e-mail notifications


Modifying a productive Workflow

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Where else can I get information about SAP Workflow?

Below is a collection of links and other resources to find out more about workflow:
BPX workflow FAQ (another workflow FAQ from SAP's Business Process web site) (just stating the obvious) - The site of one of the workflow books. - The site for an ERP related portal with plenty of detail on SAP - The portal on Workflow related topics - Workflow tutorials
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I have the Practical Workflow for SAP book, are there updates available for the book?

The following updates exist for the 2nd edition of the Practical Workflow for SAP book (available from SAP Press or Amazon).

  • Page 106, The note "Synchronous dialog chains are only supported in the SAP Business Workplace in SAP GUI" should be expanded.  Syncrhonous dialog chains can be used in UWL in some situations (they are not supported in UWL with user decision steps).
  • Page 403, After figure 11.33 the sentence with "...category and type portions for the BOR reference (CATID and INSTID)..." should read ""...category and type portions for the BOR reference (CATID and TYPEID)..."
  • Page 656,  Delete the sentence "This is restricted to the two outcomes Approve and Reject"
  • Page 661,  The sentence "The decision does not have to based on a generic decision, but if it is not, then it is limited to Approve and Reject because these are the two buttons that the Lotus client renders by default" should read "decision does not have to be based on a generic decision".
  • Page 769,  This section has code for the CRM example.  It is criticial that you already have experience with the CRM UI.  The chapter mentions this, please be sure to use the CRM UI wiki and ensure you have experience on CRM UI projects before developing workflow for CRM.  To learn more about the CRM UI, read the SAP Press book CRM Web Client Customizing and Development . The following are the data definitions used for the definition of the BOL model in the CRM code example:  
    • Structure ZST_WF4BT_ROOT_KEY
    • Short description WF4BT: Key structure of Root
    • Field: type
    • C_ROOT_OBJ_NAME  Constant Public  Type CRM_EXT_OBJ_NAME  External Name of Object 'ZWF_BT_ROOT'
    • C_KEY_STRUCT  Constant Public  Type STRUKNAME  Name of a structure  'ZST_WF4BT_ROOT_KEY'
    • C_ATT_STRUCT  Constant Public  Type STRUKNAME  Name of a structure  'ZST_WF4BT_ROOT_ATT'
  • Page 827, in the section discussing finding workflows provided by SAP, transaction code SWDM should also be included.  SWDM is the Business Workflow Explorer where you can find workflows by application components.

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