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This page is part of the ITS Troubleshooting Guide


In case of SAPGUI for HTML in Internet Explorer 11 the default used rendering mode is standard (edge).

So if in an ITS service (for example webgui) no rendering mode is set in transaction SICF under Service Parameters (or in the url with parameter sap-ie) by default edge is used.


The easiest way to check the used rendering mode is to call the developer tool with f12 after the ITS / Webgui is called:


On the Emulation tab we can see Document mode: 11

Or on the debugger tab: "IE=edge"


The usage of other rendering modes (quirks) are not recommended to use due its limitation: 314568 - SAP GUI for HTML functionality / Limitations / Sp. Behaviour
Usage of quirks mode in Internet Explorer

Please avoid the usage of the legacy quirks mode of Internet Explorer. This mode can be activated by setting the parameter sap-ie = emulateIE8, in the ICF service or on the URL. It tells the browser to render in the old legacy IE 8 mode. This mode has serious disadvantages because it actually cripples a modern Internet Explorer 11 to a 8 years old Internet Explorer 8 with all its problems (Internet Explorer 8 browser is no longer suppored by Microsoft). This browser mode has serious problems to correctly render high complex pages and with memory leaks.


For testing purposes different rendering modes can be used with sap-ie paraemter in the url:

or as SICF parameter:

See Also

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