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SAP Community Network FAQs (Beta)

Welcome to this community experience Wiki. We are focusing our efforts mainly on Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) collected by the community in the Find Questions & Answers on the Community

In good Internet fashion this is a beta release. There will be changes and additions derived from suggestions and improvement ideas coming from you. These ideas should be discussed in the Suggestion forum.

You're invited to add, correct, or change something within this wiki. It's all about collaborative community members sharing their collective wisdom, knowledge, and expertise with others, so please share yours in a topic area where you have something to offer. But before you make your changes it might be a good idea to read the Wiki FAQ.

Major Topic Areas

Demo Systems





  1. Unknown User (smkdn5t)

    Great idea - let's wiki.

     Regards Andy

  2. Unknown User (tyzun5t)

    Very great idea.

    How about integration in my own portal?


  3. Unknown User (begbn6t)

    Wonderful chance for SAP community members


    syamkumar mynampati 

  4. The best way to put up the commonly asked questions at one place..

    Its wiki time ..

    Sri Raghu Kishore pusapati

  5. Unknown User (100y3d27t)

    Good Idea,

    i'm already using Wiki.

    Best regards

    Ihsen ABROUG

  6. Unknown User (xpi10et)

    This Wiki can be and [most?] probably will become one of the best SAP related resources

    in this bewildering world of ours.

    All the best.

                  A. Aner

  7. Unknown User (10322laft)

    Welcome, new Wiki

  8. Hello,

    is it planned, that this Wiki will be available to Customers for SAP Portal soon?

    Best regards,

    Manuel Schaffner

  9. Unknown User (nj3ijpt)


    We would like a Wiki in our own SAP Portal as well, is this already available?(lightbulb)

    Best regards,


  10. Unknown User (z7p388u)

    my name is Lars Sobanski, i´m writing my Diploma Thesis about wikis. In this i do a analythics of wikis. May somebody answer me some qustions about this one?

    How many users are possible to contribute here? (how many are registerd)
    How many Pages does the wiki has?
    How many changes has been done yet to the pages?
    What public realation measures has been done to promote the wiki?
    And the last one: is it possible to become admin?

    The softeware used here ist of corse "Atlassian Confluence - the Enterprise Wiki". (smile)

    (excuse me for my english, i´m german native...) 

  11. Hi Lars,

    feel free to contact myself or Mark Finnern (German is fine, especially for Mark)


  12. pardon my ignorance........but am I the only SDNer who has no idea what a WIKI is??? Can I sprinkle it on my cornflakes? I'm sure it is a giant leap forward but what on earth is it? Could somebody please explain: what wiki stands for and how it can benefit me. 

  13. Neil,

    a Wiki is a ressource where you have access to the whole website it represents. Consequently everybody on the net can change it online. I think that's the biggest thing around it.

    Wikipedia works like that and made wikis famous (and I doubt that you haven't heard about Wikipedia yet?).

    The name is an Hawaianword for 'fast'. Compared to the standard way of producing a website I guess this is self explaining...



  14. Unknown User (f7agl2t)

    Hey Nirmal,
    I have just brought back an old version before your edit. I guess you must have deleted all the content by accident.
    Please try to review your changes before you save. I blank entry page is not of too much use to the community, is it?


  15. Unknown User (107odek1y)

    We are installing ECC 6.0, whrere to get the Installation guide/Document for installing Best practices Installation Assistant.


    L Srikanthan.

  16. Unknown User (100goo4d2)

    what is the hirarchey of abapcunsultents in organisation?

  17. Unknown User (10045b03w)

    Please help in using the Parameter ID  and the Parameter Value to be attached. Since there are many Parameter ID @ User level (SU01) but its difficult to find the appropriate one, it has been explained very concisely in  wiki thread

    Each Parameter has a unique functionality which is difficult to find, so an ABAper is approached for doing some coding.

    As it will help all functional and technical people. 

    Vipin Borole

  18. Former Member

    Hi experts I got to know many configuration step relating to many transaction used in SAP, Basically i'm a FICO conultant and when i get issue regarding integration with other modules and usage of other module Tcode Wiki has helped me a lot. Experts here contribute with screen shots which gives clear idea about the function and usage of the tcode. Actually Wiki according to me is a knowledge resource of SAP. cheers...

    Lokesh Mohanasundaram.