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Frequently Asked Questions regarding ITSmobile

General Questions

Answers General Questions

Where can I find a documentation for ITSmobile?

You can find useful information on this ITSmobile Wiki page and a structured documentation on the SAP Help Portal.
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Which screen elements are supported by ITSmobile?

SAP note 1037715 lists all supported screen elements and their attributes. In addition you can run testservice itsmobile01; this internet service displays all screen elements. Very complex screen elements, e.g. tablecontrole are not supported by ITSmobile
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Where can I find information regarding the latest updates?

You find information regarding the latest improvement and support packages on the News and Improvements page.

How should an internet service for ITSmobile look like?

When you create an internet service using generation style Mobile Device, you are getting templates of an internet service optimized for mobile devices. Besides the templates an ICF service with following service parameter has to be created: ~itsmobile 1, ~transaction <your transaction> and ~theme <your theme>. If you want to see an ITSmobile service without generating your own, check out the test services itsmobile00, itsmobile01 or itsmobile02 (testservice for language generation). These services get deliverd with ITSmobile.
See also SAP note 1072504 regarding ITSmobile sample application.
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How can I check if my ITSmobile environment is running?

Befor you start to create your own mobile internet service try to start one of the test services itsmobile00, itsmobile01 or itsmobile02. See also SAP note 1072504 regarding ITSmobile sample application.
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Does ITSmobile replace Web SAP Console and SAP Console?

for text based applications: SAP Console.
for webbased applications (ABAP transaction): ITSmobile
Also see SAP note 1070064
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Which devices are supported?

See SAP Note 1093513 and the page "Mobile Devices and Browser".
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My generated internet service is not running, what could be wrong?

See Online Help for possible errors:

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