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ITSmobile is a technology with still ongoing development to improve the technology and to provide new features the customer requires. We suggest to install the latest version to ensure not to miss a new feature or a great improvement.

On this page you will find a feature list of the ITSmobile with a short description and the system requirements.

ALV Grid support

An ALV Grid control can't be identified by the ITSmobile Generator. 

It has some limited features as set out in the note 1037715 - ITSmobile: Supported screen elements


ITSmobile supports NOTIFY_BELL_SIGNAL. With the introduction of this feature, ITSmobile is compatible with SAPConsole. BGSOUND tag is used to generate the sound.

New Generator

To improve the performance ITSmobile offers a new generator. Templates created with the new generating style "Mobile Devices (Without HTML Tables)" does not use the slow table structure to arrange the screen elements. 

RFID Support

Unfortunately, there is no standard RFID interface that enables useres to connect all the handhelds RFID devices made by different manufacturers. To allow as many different device types as possible to be used, the technical software connection of the devices in ITSmobile is based on JavaScript. It is therefore possible to connect any device whose RFID functions can be programmed using JavaScript. In many cases, the device manufacturer provides an ActiveX control or similar object that can be addressed in the browser using JavaScript.

Applications also have widely varying requirements of an RFID interface (reading, writing, deleting RFID tags...). To fullfill these requirements, ITSmobile provides the extensible ABAP property RFID. By defining your own RFID data in this property, you can create your own RFID commands.

The RFID support provided by ITSmobile simply involves the provision of an RFID pushbutton. This RFID pushbutton is linked to the RFID data and fields and is therefore similar to a "trigger" on the RFID device. Pressing the RFID pushbutton or "pulling the trigger" initiate the same function.

Message with sound 

With the new ITSmobile parameter ~ITSMOBILEMSGSOUND setting to "1" a sound file (.wav file) will be played when a message arrives at the browser. The sound file is specified using the HTML tag "bgsound" in the body. Please make sure, that your browser supports this html tag otherwise the sound file is ignored. ITSmobile generates different sound files for the different message types to allow the user to identify the importance of the message on the played sound.

Additionally we changed the message icon. We now have a separate icon for each message type to visualize the different message types too. Check the new testcase MESSAGE within the sample service ITSMOBILE01 for an example.

For ITSmobile developers we store the message data within the ITS context to allow programmers their own visualization of messages. New ITS context fields are:
~MESSAGETYPE[1]        content e.g. S, I, W, E
                                   S = success message, I = informantion, W = warning, E = error
~MESSAGENUMBER[1]   contains SAP message number, e.g. 013
~MESSAGEID[1]           contains SAP message id, e.g. SITS_MOBILE        
~MESSAGELINE[1]        contains the message text

Application popups (~POPUPS)

With the ITS default settings, application popups are not visualized. The ITS automatically submits a <ENTER> against the backend to commit the popup. For the most mobile applications this default behavior is fine. Anyway, if your application is using popups e.g. the commonly used logoff  popup ( "Logoff ?, with YES and NO button" ) you have to set the ITS parameter (gui setting) ~popups to "1" to get the popups visualized. Please keep in mind, that your service must have the appropriate template for each popup.

With the improvement pack 2, ITS already delivers a template for the commonly used  logoff page ( dynpro: SAPLSPO1, number: 100). If you specify the default service itsmobile within your template search path (e.g. ~sources myservice,itsmobile ) you do not need to create an own template, the default template from service itsmobile is used.

If you miss other templates for commonly used dynpros, please create a message at SAP, component BC-FES-ITS.
There is no way to display specific popups only, please carefully check if you really need this feature.

System messages and express mails (~SHOW_SYSTEM_MODAL)

With the ITS default settings, system messages and express mails are not visualized. (Please see transaction SM02 and SO01 how to create system messages and express mails.) The ITS automatically submits a <ENTER> against the backend to commit this messages/mails. That means even important messages and mails like system availability  information or express mails generated from the update task are not delivered to the mobile users. Depending on your own organization it may be necessary to visualize this messages to mobile users e.g. to stop comissioning  when the update task stops working due some problem.

If you set the ITS parameter ~SHOW_SYSTEM_MODAL to "1" system messages and express mails are delivered to the ITSmobile users. As like the ~popups switch you need a template for each message/mail dynpro within your service.

ITSmobile Improvement Update 2 already contains a default template for the system messages and express mails (Dynpro SAPMSSY0, number 120). To use this default template, please add the itsmobile service to your template search path (~sources). This default template at least delivers a notice containing the message title to the ITSmobile users. The visualization of the messages and mails is limited since the message/mail dynpro is a list dynpro. If you would like to create your own template, please have a look at the default template implementation in service itsmobile to see how list elements are available / accessible through the ITS context.

Voice Enabling

Generating XHtml+Voice to support speech input/output.

This package provides the additional generator ITSGENMOBILEXV, style "Mobile Geräte mit Sprachunterstützung". This generator creates XHTML+Voice templates and the Java Speech Grammar Format 1.0 (JSGF V1.0). The text necessary for speech input/output is saved as XML properties in the ABAP Workbench. The properties will be passed to the ITS during runtime. The speech input/output can be activated by browsers which are able to support X+V.

The main purpose of speech support is the implementation of PickByVoice application. The output text is stored in the ABAP/backend to ensure a translation to other languages.

A detailed documentation is available on the SAP Help Portal.


Voice support has now been added to ITSGENMOBILE4. Voice support has been added to the tableless ITSmobile Generator. This generating style  is "Mobile Devices (Without HTML Tables)"  

Defauld/Base Service of generator

Easy way to create your own generator

Own template generating programs can now be extended with a default service for generating program templates. If you want to write an own template generator, it is no longer required to copy all generation templates in your service. You can copy only the templates that you would like to change. Technically this is done by the overwriting the function _GET_FROM_TEMPLATE. This function first checks the own service for templates. If no template is found the template of the default service will be used.

Function _GET_FROM_TEMPLATE of class CL_ITS_GENERATE_HTML_XV_MOBILE can be used for an example. This example first searches through service ITSMOBILEGENXV and than through default service ITSMOBILEGEN for templates.

Include functionality

Until now it was necessary to change the generator or the corresponding template in order to include a own or modified include file for javascript or css stylesheets. The latest update provides service parameter to identify the own include files. It is not necessary to change the generator/templates anymore which makes it easier to include modifications.

Include service parameter for mobile devices:

~itsmobileCssInclude to replace CSS stylesheets

~itsmobileJsInclude  to replace javascript

~itsmobileVoiceInclude to replace speech generating

Example: javascript include ~itsmobileJsInclude = myjavascript is set in the service settings => during runtime the file myjavascript which is located in my own service will be used, instead of the default file mobile.js in service ITSMOBILE.

Mobile System Logon

Mobile system logon, own login class can be derived, that avoids waiting periods.

Class CL_MOBILE_SYSTEM_LOGIN used to be a final class, it was necessary to copy the class for own implementations. With the latest update the class can be derived which makes own modifications on the login class more comfortable. Example: device specific meta tags can by set on the login screen by overwriting the method WRITE_CONTENT_BEGIN_HTML in the derived class.


This feature is only available with style MOBILE4

If you wish to remove lines containing no visible elements that are still visible on the screen then set ~DYNPRO_COMPRESSION service parameter to the value of "1" in the GUI Configuration section of the ITSMobile service in transaction SICF.