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Internet Services of ITSmobile

To see which ITSmobile Generators are present in the system, start transaction SM30, view the table W3GENSTYLES 

In your system you can then view the services via SE80 

1. Services for Generating ITSMobile Templates

  • ITSGENMOBILE:       For generating style "Mobile Devices (Preserving Layout)"         Comment in Template: STYLE: MOBILE

  • ITSGENMOBILE4:     For generating style "Mobile Devices (Without HTML Tables)"    Comment in Template: STYLE: MOBILE4

  • ITSGENMOBILEXV:  For generating style "Mobile Devices with Voice Input"                 Comment in Template: STYLE: MOBILEXV

  • ITSGENMOBXML:     For generating style "Mobile Devices with absolute positioning"   Comment in Template: STYLE: MOBILE5

    Here is an example of the comment section of the HTML template for MOBILE5 

    <!-- Generated Template


          SCREEN: 8000

          DATE:   20170612

          TIME:   144445

          STYLE:  MOBILE5


    NB: The format for DATE is YYYY / MM / DD

When you generate an HTML template using the ITSMobile Visual Editor template, the style MOBILEEDIT is set.

See also the SAP Note:  2027612 - Incorrect generation style in HTML template

Comment in Template: STYLE: MOBILEEDIT. 

In addition, if you see  Comment in Template: STYLE: XML, 

this indicates that the generating template was ITSGENMOBXML: 

XML was the OLD comment - in newer systems MOBILE5 is the comment in template

this change to the comment section in SE80 for a template is also documented in the note

2027612 - Incorrect generation style in HTML template

Additional information.

Creating your own Generator

See the SAP HELPCreating a Generation Style

2. Runtime Service


This service contains Mime Objects and HTML Templates which are used by the (Test-) services during runtime.

The Mime Object folder contains images, script, styles, sounds...

The HTML Templates folder contains templates for controls (e.g. ALV_GRID), includes (e.g. CUAAREA) and system messages (e.g. SAPMSYST 40).

3. Testservices

 Internet Service       Generating Style                                      Screens of SAPMIMOB1     Special

  • ITSMOBILE00           Mobile Devices (Preserving Layout)            100 - 103

  • ITSMOBILE01           Mobile Devices (Preserving Layout)            500 - 518                                Example for Device Inludes

  • ITSMOBILE02           Mobile Devices with Voice Input                  200 - 203

  • ITSMOBILE03           Mobile Devices (Without HTML Tables)        500 - 518

  • ITSMOBILE04           Mobile Devices (Without HTML Tables)        200 - 203

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