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Internet Services of ITSmobile

In your system you can find (via SE80) three kinds of Internet Services:

1. Services for Generating Templates

  • ITSGENMOBILE:       For generating style "Mobile Devices (Preserving Layout)"         Comment in Template: STYLE: MOBILE
  • ITSGENMOBILE4:     For generating style "Mobile Devices (Without HTML Tables)"    Comment in Template: STYLE: MOBILE4
  • ITSGENMOBILEXV:  For generating style "Mobile Devices with Voice Input"                 Comment in Template: STYLE: MOBILEXV
  • ITSGENMOBXML:     For generating style "Mobile Devices with absolute positioning"   Comment in Template: STYLE: MOBILE5

    Here is an example of the comment section of the HTML template for MOBILE5 

    <!-- Generated Template


          SCREEN: 8000

          DATE:   20170612

          TIME:   144445

          STYLE:  MOBILE5


    NB: The format for DATE is YYYY / MM / DD

Additional information.

When you generate an HTML template using the ITSMobile Visual Editor template, the style MOBILEEDIT is set.

See also the SAP Note:  2027612 - Incorrect generation style in HTML template

Comment in Template: STYLE: MOBILEEDIT. 

In addition, if you see  Comment in Template: STYLE: XML, 

this indicates that the generating template was ITSGENMOBXML: 

XML was the OLD comment - in newer systems MOBILE5 is the comment in template

this change to the comment section in SE80 for a template is also documented in the note

2027612 - Incorrect generation style in HTML template

2. Runtime Service


This service contains Mime Objects and HTML Templates which are used by the (Test-) services during runtime.

The Mime Object folder contains images, script, styles, sounds...

The HTML Templates folder contains templates for controls (e.g. ALV_GRID), includes (e.g. CUAAREA) and system messages (e.g. SAPMSYST 40).

3. Testservices

 Internet Service       Generating Style                                      Screens of SAPMIMOB1     Special

  • ITSMOBILE00           Mobile Devices (Preserving Layout)            100 - 103
  • ITSMOBILE01           Mobile Devices (Preserving Layout)            500 - 518                                Example for Device Inludes
  • ITSMOBILE02           Mobile Devices with Voice Input                  200 - 203
  • ITSMOBILE03           Mobile Devices (Without HTML Tables)        500 - 518
  • ITSMOBILE04           Mobile Devices (Without HTML Tables)        200 - 203