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This page is part of the ITS Troubleshooting Guide

In case of webgui there are two options to set different themes.

  1. Using URL parameter: sap-theme
    For example: http(s)://host:port/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/webgui?sap-theme=sap_tradeshow

  2. Using Service Parameter: ~THEME
    Transaction SICF → service name (for example webgui) → "Service data" tab: Gui Configuration
    For example: ~THEME sap_bluecrystal 

See Also 


  • SAP Note 1656975 - How to set the theme for SAPGUI for HTML?

  • SAP Note 1871280 - SAP GUI for HTML: Standard theme sap_corbu

  • SAP KBA 1508958 - Look and Feel in the WEBGUI


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