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The HTML code of the ITS pages contains useful information beside of the screen itself. This Wiki describes how to use it.

Viewing the HTML source

The HTML source can be examined using the 'View Source'- function of your browser. Note that you might need to hold the control key while invoking the browsers context menu, bypassing the context menu of the ITS screen.

ITS Context Dumps

The ITS Context is the container for the Business HTML variables. It can be examined in the following way.


For the standalone ITS (6.20) set the parameter 'AdminEnabled' in the ITS configuration to '1'.
For the integrated ITS set the WebAS kernel parameter 'itsp/devmode/contextdump' to '1'. This can be done using the transaction SITSPMON.

Switch on the Context Dump 

Just add the URL parameter '~record=1' to the URL while starting the service of interest. As usual use '&' or '?' as delimiter depending on the position of it.


http://host:port/scripts/wgate/webgui/!?~record=1 or

will enable the context dump to the HTML page. In the HTML source viewer search for the comment '<!-- ITSCONTEXT' and you will find something like this:

CALL_RECEIVESESSINFO[1]    ITSSM_receiveSessInfo( cltSessInfo, bo_register ? self : null)
CALL_SENDSESSINFO[1]    ITSSM_sendSessInfo( g_sapcltsessioninfo, 1)
SENDSESSINFO[1]    ITSSM_sendSessInfo(cltSessInfo, bo_register)
_ITSSM[1]    1
IMAGE_CONTAINER106[1]    I am Image!
IMAGE_CONTAINER106[1].VALIGN[1]    bottom
IMAGE_CONTAINER106[1].HALIGN[1]    right
< snip... >

This does not work, if there is a variable holding a value containing <!--
or -->.

Templates used

The HTML source contains a comment showing the template used for this page:
Template:       bbpstart/99/bbpglobal_650.html

Work Process used 

In the integrated ITS it might be necessary to know the work process which generated the output. The comment for such pages is similar to:

 This page was created by the
 SAP Integrated ITS, WebAS: Y7A, workprocess: 10
 All rights reserved.
 Creation time:  Fri Jun 01 13:09:32 2007
 Charset:        utf-8

 In this case we know, that information about the ITS process can be found in the trace file of work process number 10 (dev_w10).