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Welcome to the IDES -Internet Demonstration and Evaluation System FAQ. This is the SDN WIKI starting point for topics around IDES. Feel free to create and correct entries.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SAP IDES (Internet Demonstration and Evaluation System)?

IDES systems are SAP-internal demo systems running in Walldorf. These systems contain the data of the IDES model company (in several clients) and are used to demonstrate and show the functionality of the various SAP solutions to potential customers and prospects.
IDES demo systems and IDES demo landscapes that are available for customers are copies of these internal demo systems. The IDES systems can support demos, self-study or functional evaluation/tests based on the preconfigured data/clients.         
IDES must not be used in production!
The IDES systems do not contain training data that are used in the SAP training courses.

Customer training etc. based on the IDES systems are not supported.    
Please do also have a look at the official IDES Info Side at the SAP Service Marketplace to get more information about the IDES systems:

Available Versions/Components

IDES packages are available for ERP cross industry only.

Due to limited ressources and also low number of requests we do no longer provide industry specific versions.

Also we do not provide other components than ERP.

System Requirements

The version-specific hardware requirements can be found in the version-specific IDES notes. Additionally the sizing tools from SAP have to be used. 

IDES Data/ IDES Client                                                

The IDES demo system is installed as a separate system with it's own set of data in different clients! The IDES data cannot be merged into an existing system nor should the IDES system be merged with other models.
Client transports are not available.                                                                      

Demo-Content / Training Data                                             

IDES-Systems that are shipped to customers are copies from SAP internal demo systems and not from the SAP training systems that you might know from SAP training courses. The clients used in the courses and the data used in the courses are NOT included in the IDES shipment.                                          


Please use the Support portal of the SAP Service Marketplace if you need assistance with IDES systems.

Please use component XX-IDES if you have IDES-specific questions/problems.

You also have the possibility to use the forum in SDN in case of problems. But please note that we do not monitor the SDN-forum.

Interesting References / Links / Notes

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  1. Unknown User (htddbi0)


    I'm looking for information about the SAP CRM IDES set up whilst I can find the R/3 IDES Scenario help in SAP Help, I'm unable to find any information about SAP CRM IDES scenarios.

    Can you help with advice on where I can find he SAP CRM IDES notes which are similiar to the R/3 IDES notes please


    David Hamilton

  2. Former Member

    The links of Available Versions / Components are not working seems to be broken

  3. Hello


    Does someone know when an IDES will be available for S/4HANA with simple logistics ?


    Best regards


    Hugo Chartrand

  4. I am afraid that the links to IDES installations are outdated. Could you please provide the replacement for them?