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The integrated ITS is part of the kernel component "disp+work". In or order to find out which ITS related fixes has been delivered in the latest kernel patch, follow these steps:

  1. Open

  2. Click on the tab "SUPPORT PACKAGES & PATCHES", open the item "By Alphabetical Index (A-Z)" and select "K"

  3. Choose your SAP KERNEL BIT-version (for example "SAP KERNEL 64-BIT UNICODE")

  4. Select proper SAP KERNEL release (in this example "SAP KERNEL 7.42 64-BIT UNICODE") 
  5. Select the appropriate OS from the dropdown list (for example "AIX 64BIT") and select "#DATABASE INDEPENDENT"

  6. Find "disp+work package" among the available items
  7. In this line click on the icon for "Related Info" and select "Content Info"

  8. A new browser window will be opened.
    Scroll down to the bottom of this list to see the latest changes in the disp+work package of the SAP Kernel:


Most of the ITS related SAP Notes has a title, which

  • is "New unified rendering version" and refers to changes in the unified rendering (UR) library OR
  • begins with (or contains) one of the following keywords: ITS, SAP GUI for HTML, Webgui OR
  • contains the name of an affected screen element (control): e.g.: ALV Gridview, Tablecontrol, Tree control, ABAPList, Checkbox, Button, Titlebar, Editfield, Searchhelp, Inputfield, Scrollbar, etc...

Once the appropriate fix (SAP Note) has been found, consider the following:

  1. Please use the latest SAPEXE/SAPEXEDB package,
  2. then apply the latest disp+work package.

Please also read SAP Note #19466 carefully.
As an alternative, you might want to test the latest kernel patch in one of your sandbox systems against your productive system. Click HERE to learn how to do it.

See Also:

  • SAP KBA 2183990 - How to find Kernel and Basis SP level of a system?
  • SAP Note 1802333 - Finding information about regressions in the SAP kernel

SAP Notes related to the 72X Kernel-family

  • 1637287 - DCK: WebGUI with new design for SAP_BASIS 700/701/710/711
  • 2211168 - New design for SAP GUI for HTML in SAP_BASIS 700/701
  • 1629598 - SAP Kernel 720 will replace older kernel versions
  • 1975687 - SAP Kernel 7.21 (EXT) replaces SAP Kernel 7.20 (EXT) as standard kernel in Q1/2015
  • 2115344 - Installation of Kernel 722 (EXT)
  • 2133909 - SAP Kernel 722 (EXT): General Information and Usage
  • 2198998 - SAP Kernel 7.22 disp+work (DW.SAR) patch forecast

SAP Notes related to the 74X Kernel-family

  • 1969546 - Release Roadmap for Kernel 74x and 75x
  • 2083594 - SAP Kernel 740, 741 and 742: Versions and Kernel Patch Levels
  • 1994690 - Using the 7.41 kernel instead of 7.40
  • 2128122 - Use of 7.42 kernel instead of 7.40 or 7.41 kernel
  • 2098894 - SAP Kernel 7.42 disp+work (DW.SAR) patch forecast
  • 2251972 - Using kernel 7.45 instead of kernel 7.40, 7.41, or 7.42
  • 2199308 - SAP Kernel 7.45 disp+work (DW.SAR) patch forecast
  • 2350788 - Using kernel 7.49 instead of kernel 7.40, 7.41, 7.42 or 7.45
  • 2375349 - SAP Kernel 7.49 disp+work (DW.SAR) patch forecast


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