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General Issues:

  1. After an upgrade, migration or transport of the ITSMobile application doesn't work as expected (dump occurs, buttons don't work, etc.)

    1. Make sure the templates were newly generated with style Mobile4:

      1. Run transaction SIAC_PUBLISH_ALL_INT.
      2. Transaction SE38  SIAC_REGENERATE_TEMPLATES  Generate the templates again with Mobile4 'Mobile Devices (Without HTML Tables)
      3. Run tr SIAC_PUBLISH_ALL_INT.

    2. The template informations (when was generated, which style was used) are reachable in transaction SE80:

      Make sure to see here the current date and Style Mobile4 in case of all used templates.

    3. See Also: Regenerate templates with report SIAC_REGENERATE_TEMPLATES

  2. After an action (for example clicking on a button ) template is not found (HTTP 500) dump occurs.
    For example:

    2. Template interpretation terminated, template not found
    3.  ITS service "xxx" had to be terminated, as no template could be found for screen 2088 in program "RLMENU"

      1. In this example the screen 2088 is missing, so you need to geneate the template for that screen
      2. How to create an ITSMobile Service   2.Create an internet service in transaction SE80 / generate templates
      3. Make sure the template was created for the failed screen in transaction SE80

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