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What's ITSmobile

ITSmobile is a SAP technology to connect mobile devices to a SAP system in order to run applications based on the widely used Dynpro programming model.

ITSmobile replaces the Web SAPConsole which will be phased out with SAP Netweaver 7.01. It is available for SAP systems based on SAP Netweaver 2004, SAP Netweaver 7.0, SAP Netweaver 7.10 and higher. ITSmobile is an integrated part of SAP Netweaver and based on ITS.

Generate and Modify Templates

Do you want to run a dynpro-based application on a mobile device?  And even make manual adjustments to fulfill your own special requirements? No problem - using the ITSmobile it only takes you three steps:

  1. You first need to create an 'Internet Service' by generating the relevant templates. This whole procedure takes place in transaction SE80 where different ITSmobile generation styles are offered. The recommendation is to use STYLE: MOBILE4. Review the following page which explains the three ITS Services required to use the different ITSmobile generation styles: Getting to know ITSmobile by Checking out the Internet Services.
  2. Once you have successfully completed the generation of the ITSmobile templates you then need to create an ICF service. This is the second step by using transaction SICF. The ICF service that is created here will link your ITSmobile service using the parameter  ~SOURCES

    . Now you can display your Internet Service in a browser - on a desktop browser or on a mobile device browser.

  3. It is very important to use the OLD ITS Handler CL_HTTP_ITS_EXT in the SICF settings. The new Handler CL_HTTP_ITS_EXT_2 should NOT be used.

  4. If more functionality is required e.g. F-Keys or you do not like the standard design, take the third step. Make manual adjustments to the templates in the transaction SE80, or include a new CSS file with your own design. See also the sample video in KBA 2242078  - ITSmobile: How to create a sample service [VIDEO].

Another option for making adjustments to the templates is to the follow the steps on the ITSmobile Visual Editor WIKI page.


If you make any subsequent changes in SE80 to the templates, CSS files or MIME's - then the ITSMobile service needs to be republished.

If you have applied ITSmobile related SAP Notes via transaction SNOTE it is important to regenerate the ITSmobile templates.

  • Republish the various ITSmobile generation services in SE80 i.e ( ITSGENMOBILE, ITSGENMOBILE4, ITSGENMOBILEXV and ITSGENMOBXML or run report SIAC_PUBLISH_ALL_INT in transaction SE38 which will publish ALL the ITS based services)
  • Then run the report: SIAC_REGENERATE_TEMPLATES in SE38. This will regenerate the ITSmobile templates.
  • Finally republish the newly generated ITSmobile service templates. Do this in SE80 (or run report SIAC_PUBLISH_ALL_INT in SE38 which will publish ALL the ITS based services)

See also SAP notes

1260901 - ITSmobile test service updated after Generator modifications
2416791 - Regenerating templates for RFUI


Barcode Scanning

ITSmobile supports data input via 1D and 2D barcode scanning.

SAP Note 1311169 - ITSmobile: Barcode scanner AutoEnter has information on the AutoEnter feature.

Voice Enabling (pick by voice)

ITSmobile supports voice enabling of ABAP/Dynpro based screens using the "Speech" property to send additional, speech related data, to the frontend/Browser. Together with the new ITS XV Template generator(ITSGENMOBILEXV), which generates XHTML+Voice based templates, it is possible to add speech in/output to your application. Voice enabled browsers, like Opera, will do the rest of the job.

RFID (Radio-frequency identification)

ITSmobile supports ABAP Property RFID which helps you to execute RFID operations on dynpro based screens using ITSmobile. The RFID property sends additional, RFID related data to the frontend/Browser. ITSmobile will deliver this data via javascript to your own device specific implementation for your specific RFID reader.

ITSmobile Information

ITSmobile Documentation

ITSmobile on the SAP help portal

ITSmobile on BIS.Techdev (internal only)

Configuring ITSmobile for SAP EWM RFUI: How-To Guide 

ITSmobile Notes

Only general ITSmobile notes are listed here; find further related SAP notes using search key "ITSmobile" in CSS.

1070064 Comparison of Web SAP Console with SAP ITSmobile
1037715 ITSmobile: Supported screen elements
2063269 -  - Classification of correct investigation area for SAP incidents involving RF dev

ITSmobile FAQs

You have questions regarding ITS? Please check out the frequently asked questions (FAQ).

ITSmobile Troubleshooting Guide WIKI: ITSmobile issues


Please discuss ITSmobile topics and issues in the SCN Forum Internet Transaction Server (ITS).


  1. Unknown User (d9x2qtb)

    Hi Klaus,

     If I have both character and GUI based RF readers in my organisation. Do I need to develop dynpro both in SAPconsole as well as ITSmobile?

     Or can I develop webdynpro screens in ITSmobile and they will be automatically converted for character based RF readers?

     Thanks in advance,


  2. Unknown User (eckhlsq)


     is it true that ITSMobile requires Windows Mobile 5.0 to run? what vehicle-mounted device options do I have - make and model that can run ITSMobile? 



  3. Unknown User (wdc2fc0)

    Hi Satish,

    no this is not true. Basically ITSmobile uses HTML to communicate to the front end. So basically you can use any device with a browser installed. However there are huge differences in performance that are related to the used operating system. The best results are currently seen with Windows CE 5.0 but I have also seen a device with Windows Pocket PC 2003 which ran very good and also I have seen pretty new Windows Mobile 5.0 devices which performed very poor. My recommendation would be that you before you buy any devices you talk to a consultant who is working in this area and ask him for his experiences or you ask your preferred vendor for a device to test with befoer you buy it.

    I hope this helps you.


  4. Hi --,

    I work for Value Prototyping team of SAP Field Services and highly appreciate ITSmobile wiki, it really helps having linlks to ITSmobile content centralized here.

    Please find questions I am frequently asked by customers and partners, perhaps you could consider adding them to wiki.

    1) ITSmobile vs ABAP WebDynpro vs Java WebDynpro. Customer and partners often ask what is the difference here, having web-page with answer would be helpful. The question about ABAP WebDynpro support for mobile devices is also frequently asked, and there is OSS note for that, as per internal message 0120061532 0001508271 2010. Perhaps reference to this note could be added here?

    2) What is needed to make ITSmobile screen looking nice and professional, how to adapt CSS to have better screen? One example would be helpfull

    3) wiki advise to use industrial browser, to get all the functionality of the mobile device, it is highly recommended to use an industrial browser like PocketBrowser (Motorola/Symbol), IBrowser (Intermec) or NaurTech Browser (Naurtech Corp.). Could you please clarify what the industrialk browser is and what is meant by "all functionality"? To me is unclear what the industrial browser is, is it a must to use it and what exactly is missing if some other browser is used?

    Thank you and kind regards,


  5. Hello,

     the statement

        >> ITSmobile replaces the Web SAPConsole which will be phased out with SAP NW 7.1

    needs to be urgently changed to 

        >> ITSmobile replaces the Web SAPConsole which will be phased out with SAP NW 7.01

    This is an important information because everyone who is upgrading to e.g. ERP6.04 will be forced to change from WebSAPConsole to ITSmobile.

    SAP Note 1070064 does have an outdated german version, that is mentioning the wrong "phased out"-release 7.1 as well.
    The english version is correct!

    Can you please confirm and update WIKI and SAPNote?

    Best regards