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What is the ITSmobile AJAX?

First and in general:

ITSmobile is a web technology therefore the W3C knowledge can be used.

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What does this means:

Standard SAP ITSmobile communicates with http/s via a normal HTTP Post Event.

This is the standard and classical browser communication.  

This classical HTTP communication allows only a synchronous data transfer and the

Browser takes care of the communication. (without the possibility to enhance it or change it)

In general AJAX means: Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, this means AJAX communication is an asynchronous communication.

AJAX ITSMobile communication allows to send multiple requests to the server. In addition it is possible to send the request

using JavaScript. So the communication can be controlled/changed by the application (and not anymore by the browser)

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What is the difference between Standard ITSmobile and ITSmobile using AJAX?

To understand the two different communication behaviors following scenarios are described:

Scenario 1: classical HTTP/S communication – Standard SAP ITSmobile Communication:

User press a button on an ITSmobile webpage, browser sends the request to the server and will wait for a response from the server.

During the waiting time (synchronous) user can do noting with the webpage/application. The application is not able to react in case

Of issues or errors.

Scenario 2: AJAX HTTP/S communication – Enhanced SAP ITSmobile Communication:

User press a button on an ITSmobile webpage , browser sends the request to the server (in details the application = ITSmobile send the request)

and will wait for a response from the server. However the communication is asynchronous, means the application is not locked and user can do other things.

Following the benefits exists when AJAX communication is used:

First: As the communication is controlled in the own JavaScript Coding (ITSmobile application) the HTML DOM is replaced using Javascript

BENEFIT:   performance improvement, as the browser doesn’t created the full HTML DOM again and again (specially not the CSS and JS content)

Second: It is possible to control the communication – wireless/network issues can be managed.

Own error message can be displayed or request can be send again automatically, if wireless communication doesn’t exist.

BENEFIT: the usage of industrial browsers is not anymore mandatory

What are the benefits as summery – when AJAX with ITSmobile makes sense?

The major benefits are the performance improvement and the control of the communication.


  1. The performance improvement is bigger especially,

when in a project old devices are used with low memory and low hardware capabilities.

It makes sense to use ITSmobile runs AJAX when old hardware is used.

  1. An industrial browser doesn have to be used when AJAX is used because the communication can be controlled

If a company uses many devices it makes sense to invest/modify Standard ITSmobile and enhance it with AJAX JavaScript.


For more information see attached PPT.

06_ITSMobileRunsAjax_englisch_v8 (3).pdf