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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Integration and Certification Center?

As part of SAP P&I Development Operations & Services organization, Integration and Certification Center (ICC) is a global team that helps independent software vendors (ISVs) as well as SAP Software Partners in developing and certifying their integrations to a variety of different SAP products & platforms.

In order to support ISVs around the globe, ICC has the following regional offices:

  • ICC Walldorf - Germany for ISVs in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)
  • ICC Bangalore - India for ISVs in Asia, Pacific and Australia (APA)
  • ICC Palo Alto - California for ISVs in the Americas (and Japan)
  • ICC Montreal - Canada for ISVs in the Americas
  • ICC Sao Leopoldo - Brazil for ISVs in Latin America

What type of services does ICC provide for ISVs?

Some of the services that ICC provide include integration consulting, training on SAP integration technologies, integration assessment (pre-evaluation for certificaton), certification and remote test system access.

How can I contact ICC?

Contact the ICC through our contact form our by sending an email to

Where can I find more information about ICC?

You can learn more about ICC at the ICC Homepage on SDN. Please see below for link to SCN space.

Where can I post a specific question on an integration area or interface?

You can go to ICC Forums to post a technical or certification process related question. In order to get a quick answer please make sure to post your question in the relavant forum topic.

Where can I find more information about remote system access services?

You can learn more about the remote test system access service at this forum topic.


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