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File containing security information such as public and private keys, certificates of trusted Certification Authorities.

Example: The Portal Server has a keystore that contains its public and private keys, as well as the Portal Server certificate that is used to digitally sign SAP logon tickets.

key figure

In addition to the key figures saved on the database, you have the option of defining derived (calculated) key figures in the query definition in the Business Explorer. Such key figures are calculated using a formula from the key figures of the InfoCube. Examples of key figures include sales revenue, fixed costs, sales quantity, or number of employees. Examples of derived key figures include sales revenue per employee, variance as a percentage, or contribution margin

key performance indicator

A measurement or metric for evaluating a company's business strategy, performance, or technology. Key performance indicators express abstract company objectives in financial or physical units for comparative purposes.

KM component monitor

iView in which the status of configured objects in the KM platform is displayed. Both correct and incorrect configurations can be identified by colored symbols.

Knowledge Management

Component of the Enterprise Portal, which integrates content management functions (CM), retrieval and classification functions (TREX), and collaboration functions.

Knowledge Management inbox

An inbox containing notifications generated by various Knowledge Management services (for example, subscription service, approval workflow). The KM inbox is presented in the "Recent Notifications" iView. Inbox items not only inform the user about relevant events but also provide access to relevant actions to be taken.

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