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 With the ITSmobile we don't deliver an environment for a certain mobile device or a special browser. With the wide range of devices, operating systems and (industry) browsers supporting all possibilities is not possible. But to get all the functionality of the mobile device, it is highly recommended to use an industrial browser like PocketBrowser (Motorola/Symbol), IBrowser (Intermec) or NaurTech Browser (Naurtech Corp.).

The ITSmobile framework does not attempt to identify the mobile devices using the browser ID (user agent string). In fact, the browser identification is completely deactivated for ITSmobile. It is possible that your generated HTML templates need additional customization to run on a specific device or browser, this can easily done by a consultant. To adapt device-specific functionality ( like i.e. function keys), ITSmobile provides a procedure to include device-specific META tags or Javascripts.


If device-specific support is required, you can add the device-specific META tags or JavaScripts using the following service entry in the HTML page:

~ITSMOBILEDEVICEINCLUDE  <Name_of_the_template_to_be_included>

It is sufficient to set the service entry and to make the specified template available in the service. The delivery of ITSmobile contains four testservices. Testservice ITSMOBILE01 contains the file DEVICESAMPLE.HTML, where specific information can be included. In addition to this you will find three examples of device-specific customization:


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