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1. Mobile Device

The code created by the ITSmobile generator works for a wide range of devices and browsers, however we highly recommend the usage of an industrial browser such as:

Motorola Rho Elements

Motorola Pocket Browser (former Symbol Pocket Browser)

Naurtech CE TERM

Wavelink Industrial Browser

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2. Application

To be able to generate templates, you require a functioning SAP Web AS ABAP application. The screen layout of the application must be designed for mobile devices and their limited visualization functions. That means that the size of the screen must be adjusted to the screen size of the mobile device and the application should use only screen elements that are supported by ITSmobile

3. Basis Technology

On the system side, you require an ITS with at least the following service/patch status:

Integrated ITS

We recommed that you are on at least the following Support Pack levels


See also SAP NOTE 1031074  ITSmobile 1.1: Supplements and improvements

Standalone ITS

ITS 6.20 Patchlevel 27, SAP Basis 4.6C Support Package: 55 - SAPKB46C55

See also SAP NOTE 1031074  ITSmobile 1.1: Supplements and improvements

Please note...

The ITS prerequisites listed above is only the minimum on Support Package level to run the ITSmobile. Further developments and improvements are always taking place. We suggest to install the latest BASIS and Kernel versions to ensure not to miss a new feature or a great improvement.

Required ITSMobile Services

In order to correctly work ITSmobile needs the following internet services to be published


Publishing is done in transaction SE80. See the following Wiki for the steps to do this:
How to activate, publish and test ITS services in the integrated ITS