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Q table

Master data table for time-dependent master data. The Q table has the same fields as the P table.

Quality of Service (QoS)

Quality of Service technologies classify and prioritize traffic based on traffic type to control bandwidth allocation. This technology is well suited for networks that transport a variety of protocols and traffic types (for example, HTTP, NFS, CIFS) where priority should be given to a certain class of traffic to ensure end-user response times or meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Query Editor

The Unification Server tool for creating additional, multipurpose, query-based components. These components may serve for data navigation and display (including Drag and Relate), or for use as filters.

Query Editor DTC

With the Query Editor DTC (design time component), you can make a custom query object for inserting into a Database Unifier project template (in addition to the main query object). You can also merge a query with the main query object.

query-based classification

One of the procedures for assigning documents to the categories of a taxonomy. For query-based classification, this assignment takes place using search queries that are defined for the individual categories. Query-based classification calculates how closely a particular document matches a search query.

query-based taxonomy

Taxonomy for which the content of categories is determined using search requests.

quick info text

Brief, explanatory text that appears when you position the cursor on one of the following user interface elements:

  • Column header
  • Field label
  • Icon
  • Pushbutton

quick poll

An opinion poll in which users of the Enterprise Portal are asked to answer a question. The possible answers are pre-defined for the user.

quick poll service

A global service for creating and managing campaigns, polls, and responses.

Quote Team Lead (QTL)

The quote team lead is responsible for assembling the quote. A role in SAP xCQM.

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