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SAP Business Workflow Frequently Asked Questions

  1. General Questions - General workflow info - What it is and how it can help your company. Links to further info, documentation and tutorials

  2. Design & Development - Solving development challenges presented by our beloved business people

  3. Administration and Troubleshooting - Administering the workflow system and finding those annoying little bugs

  4. Workflow on the Web - Dealing with Web-based execution, Portals and the Universal Worklist

  5. Further resources - Links, links, links: documentation and tutorials and other references

  6. How to....... - How to use certain Workflow functionality

  7. New Workflow Functionality

  8. Typical issues during workflow processing


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  1. Former Member


    The links under point 2, subsection 'How can I use ABAP OO Classes in Workflow?' are not working.

    Can anyone suggest me a place where I can see these blogs.



    1. Hi Aniket,

      Please try the following wiki page

      Why use ABAP OO with Workflow?



      1. Former Member

        Thanks Kelly,

        I got the articles.