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SAP Records Management is now called "SAP NetWeaver Folders Management"

Read all about the name and positioning change here


  1. Unknown User (101uax9rt)


    It is posible to have some best practice with a record management enviroment ?

    Thanks in advance. 

  2. Unknown User (98o1fp6t)

    Hi! There is a wrong url behind the hyperlink "RMPS Transactions" in the content. The correct url is "wiki/display/HOME/RMPS+Transactions". Regards Thomas

  3. ? Luis: "best practice with records management"?

    ! Sure, Luis, there are many examples where business practices had been introduced with SAP Records Management that became best practices, we mention the examples in the Wiki now, like in HR, or the Machine Record, procurement files... Also, partner companies offer a cornucopia of ready-to-go configurations of business processes modeled and implemented using SAP Records Management as framework. 

  4. Hi Andreas!

    I have recently created a document about Contract Management Solution based on NW Folders Management (
    I think may be it's a good idea to add this content to Your Wiki page - Implementation Examples using SAP NetWeaver Folders Management. What do you think?

    Yours respectfully,
    Anton Kozhin