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  1. Unknown User (99poj24t)

    Regarding the Hierarchy of the SAP Solution Forum, i am not Satisfied, 1st is ERP, where in you get entire details about ERP is fine, the Next one ERP Financials is also fine, the next one should have been Enterprise Asset management, then the ERP- Logistics Materials Management, then ERP - Logistics Sales and Distribution, then SCM, SCM - Production Planning, SCM - Advanced Planner Optimizer(APO), Supplier Relationship Management (SCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - General and all the Latest Technologies, Let the Basic Forum be Dominant Always. 

  2. Unknown User (ihx4cex)

    I wan't to ask a question and not sure where to post the question. I am working on printing of POs using Smartforms - the user requires VAT printed on the form, but 'don't know how to do it. Please assist.

  3. Unknown User (1072voghx)

    In our company FICO implementation is going on, now it is almost completed. Now I want to ask one question, suppose one account, which is vendor as well as customer and we want to see general ledger of that account. How it is possible?

    eg.  One employee mr x is working in our organistaion. His account has opened in Vendor for personal as well as in customer as advance against travelling expenses,loan against salary or advance against expenses. He has transaction in all above accounts. Now how to view the above account ledger at a glance and by which transaction code. This may case with the customer as well as vendor who is supplying and buying the goods from company.

    Please suggest the solutions.



  4. Unknown User (l6fhxrz)

    hi gurus,can u please breif me about the importance of  reports in sap sd.thanks in advance


  5. Unknown User (l6fhxrz)

    hi gurus ,i want to know how to create functional specs in sap sd,kindly send me required inputs.thanks in advance


  6. Unknown User (l6fhxrz)

    hi gurus,i once faced a question in interview regarding the link between pricing procedure and credit management.

    i hope u people can send me the reply.thanks in advance,