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Over time communities develop their own language or terms you get to know when you hang around there long enough. It is also called slang or jargon.

This page is called the "SCN" Urban Dictionary, the successor to SDN and the predecessor to the current SAP Community. Enjoy (SAP).

A thread on the creation and evolution of this page may be found here: SCN Urban Dictionary

(Please add new terms alphabetically - using English alphabetic, not EBCDIC; use bold font to denote a term defined elsewhere on this page)

Literal German phrase 



Sample Use(s)



(to) abuse a post or reply

In 2008 and 2009 there were some quality issues which made it temporarily necessary to allow users to report to the authorities content which they considered for one or another reason inappropriate. This reporting was done by pressing a so-called abuse button next to a forum posting, hence it was soon called abusing a post. Users' motivations to abuse posts were subject to deep scientific studies on community collaboration. It turned out that some "did abuse" because they cared for the communities well being, a lot of others "did abuse" to live out their egos.

"Today I already abused 200 posts but the mods seem to be on holiday."

"... is it right way to abuse any thread or reply if it is irrelevant to the post, because I have already abused so many replies and post ..."

First seen here (old link) / here (new link)




"I have done as you adviced"


Unlike other words that mean the same, but are spelled differently between American English and English English, such as publicise/publicize, advise and advice are related but different words:

  • advice is a noun
  • advise is a verb
  • advisee, advisor/adviser are nouns
Crystal (see GBN) 

do the needful

"Do the needful" is a phrase which means "do that which is necessary", and carries the respectful implication that the other party is trusted to understand what needs doing without being given detailed instruction.
In the forums it means: please help me.
The term "Please do the needful" was often added at the end of a response as a hint to give points for this good answer, which was seen by others as points begging and frowned upon. It's popularity grew rapidly when the pattern "Reward if found useful" (see below) was added to the SDN content blocking filters, thereby preventing its use.

"I have following requirement <SNIP tech stuff>, kindly do the needful!"

Pakistan or India

1st phrase in "Meaning" copied from wikipedia page:
Do the needful


when used in the forums it simply means a question, no 'doubt' about that!

I have a 'doubt' in ABAP HR - doesn't mean questioning the veracity of ABAP HR, but just a question related to ABAP HR


A doubtful discussion (old link) / (new link not yet located: may have been archived)

formerization (also: formerisation)Former SAP Community user who did not accept the new privacy terms, or whose account did not reflect this.Got an inactive #SCN account? Avoid "formerization" by following the steps in this blog.

Twiiter (I think) from Jelena:


Like "Former Soviet Socialist Republic", but more personal.
forumsThe areas of topics steamrollered and plastered over by tags on the last great patriotic platform war(s)   

fresher (also: n00b)

A first time user

"there seems to be no stopping the freshers"


Short form of English term (freshman) for first-year student

GBN (Global Business Network) and CUG (Crystal Users Group)

Also: BOC (Business Objects Community)

Defunct/Dormant network sites for pre-SAP software tools commonly known as Crystal Reports but also including Business Objects.

What is the difference between GBN (Global BusinessObjectsNetwork) and BOC
(Business Objects Community) : 403 Error (2019) (redirects to noweheresville)

GBN - ASUG The item does not exist. It may have been deleted.

GBN: Crystal Reports 2016: Product Landscape and Report Requirements Gathering

glass and aluminum users



Juergen L

after 2013's gamification, the lowest rung on the SCN social ladder

goat, goatspottingFor a short time, a running gag.


I've got a Community and You're Awesome

How The Goat Was a Successful Failure

/ Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0) /

guestification, guestify, guestified, guesting, et al

If a user account on SCN is deleted, in most cases because of bad behavior, all of the user's entries in the forum show up as posted by <guest>. That user has been guestified.

The original poster of this thread has been guestified, I wonder what he/she did.

According to David Branan the always active Julius Bussche used the term for the first time early 2008.

The term was officially coined in the thread titled difference . New title: "difference between "to be" and "not to be" at SDN...."


Some tool only visible to, and of use for those with both the rights and urge to guestify.

"Can you post a link to your original post? I will warm up the guest-o-blaster in the meanwhile..."

forum thread "query from portal", yep, Julius again..... (old link) comments (new link)

Also see "Boom Box" on wikipedia


"L.S." or "All"
 Used in the opening (sometimes even in, or worse, AS the subject) of a lot of questions, probably with the idea to flatter forum members into fixing the poster's problem urgent.

"Dear Gurus, My user Posted MIGO in April, 15.04.2009 AND MIRO posted with the date 31.03.2009 and the ..."
Dear Gurus, problem in MIGO and MIRO postings

See MIGO (new link)


hamperA (dubious) prize to be awarded for help on a Q&A question.Mass Billing document print preview in PDF Format"Answer that comes first get a hamper"


Legend has it that Post-It Notes® was a very accidental discovery. Apparently a 3M employee was trying to make a strong adhesive and ended up with a rather weak one. Not wanting to accept his blunder, he eventually started promoting it for its actual characteristics of being a weak adhesive inside 3M. Somehow the idea got stuck and it became an instant hit.
When Scholars speak, their profound words can be interpreted in many ways.

You do something inadvistable

The Fountainhead

Typo was apparently corrected, thus removing the butt of the joke.


See: 3M history

Like botA descendent of the points bot from earlier SCN version"OK @tpowlas admit it. You wrote a like/rate robot for SCN blog content"


(on twitter)

Hat tip to Tobias Hofmann for coining this one!
Like sharingSimilar to points bot, but more like a story circle."... like sharing happening between one space contributor & another."modsNeed good tools to detect this.

link farm, link farmer

URLs set up for fame and glory




Mentor Lemon
(old image)


sap-mentor-icon (shiny new SVG image)

Jokingly used to refer to the mentor icon that appears next the names of SAP Mentors in the forums and SCN Business Cards. Mark Finnern was hoping the association would be to a sun, but it didn't.

... after all it is an ! and not an ? in the mentor lemon


Not sure about the first use. Please provide.

Off topic links:
what is ment by landscape?

(new) ment

mod (plural mods)

mod-icon (shiny new SVG image)

Moderator [M] ! !

"what do mods say?"

"he's always on the mod to answer and show that he loves what he does."

Blag used the term in 2006, (newer link) but meaning is not obvious. Used widely in Coffee Corner (May 22, 2008 ) (new)

Does not mean "module" "modification" or "module" -- all of those are standard usage abbreviations.


A "new SCN" blog post that should have been posted as a forum question (or not at all).

"Here's another notablog"

Seen shortly after the @SCNblogs bot started spewing "hi gurus" tweets after the new SCN go-live April 2012.



Original Poster

"this is probably a wrong premise regarding the OP"

first utterance found was from Bernd Sieger - Apr 13, 2005 and blogged shortly after

(new):message, blog

The term original is used in the sense of creat or , not necessarily creat ive


Online Support System, now officially referred to as "SAP notes", "SAP Service Marketplace", etc.

"did you check for OSS notes?"

"feel free to come back or to open a OSS message on component "

Sep 5, 2003 (and) predates SCN by more than a decade



A term of standard English language, lifted here to higher spiritual levels by numerous and never-ending legends about "for all entries" and "into corresponding", worshiping the dark Lord TIME_OUT. Appears in many variations like performace, performanance, profamance, perfomance, performence, perfromnace, performane, peroformance, formance, perff...

"Hi how to do the performance"

ABAP Performance

The link to the left is from a former forum, which have been supplanted by tags, sort of.

poings, ponits, pints

People who often get in conflict with certain authorities (word filters) often promise to reward lots of them.

"...will rewrad poings quickly..."

"give me a pint dear"

"rubarb the ponits if found needfull"

113 hits currently when you use the forum search


point bot

An artificial construct (userid) that is created simply to give points and glorify another userid.

"...oops, seems that one of my point bots got busted, I will have to tune that AI engine before deploying the next ones... ..."

Thomas Zloch
Nov 4, 2008

(new link)

One of my favorite all time comments in the Coffee Corner.

"Sticky Thread: Funny threads?"

2121 replies … 04-May-2007 through the archival in 2014?


points badger

After the introduction of the Active Contributor Badges in 2010, a 9th species of badger ( mellivorinae taxidiinae ) evolved almost instantly within the habitat of the SCN system. The "points badger" can often be found scouraging the forums in search of basic questions left over by points bots or making practically invisible edits to wikis in the hope of keeping their points badges.

"The points badgers were in a frenzy at the honeypot before the new year and continued to make a pest of themselves up until the summer arived, at which time they disappeared again(some might have been roadkill victims of impatient points hunters)".

Mentor forum


points hunter

A person who will post replies only to get as much forum points as possible, not to help others. In some communities/companies having a large number of SCN points gains a person respect. In others, the point hunters are only seen as annoying as they tend to lower a forum's quality by flooding it with standard answers.

Generally used in abuse reports and sometimes in slander threads in the coffee corner.




Community engagement on the highest level, always assuming the best and bringing out the best of your fellow community members. Personified, lived and named after our own Marilyn Pratt

"A bit more Prattmatism in this heated forum discussion would do us all good."

Term coined by Chris Horak in a comment to brining the "What Would Marilyn Pratt Do" (WWMPD)  T-Shirt to the SAP Shop" Idea Place suggestion

Mark Finnern says: Love It.

Link is to "Idea Place" which went away, replaced by New Idea Place, or something, with all former content lost as far a I can tell.

(to) pull a @kajvandeloo

To present in form of a techie audience without PowerPoint slides, using a whiteboard or flipchart, and preferably improvising.
It was coined in reference to Kaj van de Loo's (Twitter: @kajvandeloo ) captivating presentations at Innovation Weekend 2010 in Berlin and Las Vegas.

"At SAP Inside Track Eindhoven, @thorstenster pulled a @kajvandeloo."



This term is used by forum moderators to replace other terms used in forum posts which violate the forum rules, particularly points soliciting, link-farming, requesting offline documentation via email chains, etc.

Check the following links: <removed_by_moderator>

The origin of the term can be traced back to a question raised by Blag at the TechEd '07 Community Day in Las Vegas on how to deal with certain irritating posts. New Blag link.


revert back

reply, not "return to a previous state"
Mostly used by an OP to indicate he/she will try the provided solution(s) and reply to the thread with the results.

"I will revert back to you"


Entering this quoted sentence into Google will return a wealth of info and enjoyable blog and forum posts.

reward if found useful  < more to come > 

rewrad, to

Rewards in the form of points for good forum answers are very much appreciated on SCN, it even replaced the good old (fashioned) Thank You. Talking about ones generosity in advance or begging for some points on the contrary is prohibited by the authorities and this is enforced by sheriff Word F. Ilter who is easily outsmarted by promising or begging for rewrads.

"...will rewrad Max Pts..."
"...will rewrad huge ponits for correct answers..."

396 hits currently when you use the forum search ( 2014 ish era?)



Gathering of market or functional requirements for a product or service. The opposite of product roll-out.

SAP Mentors are hands-on experts of an SAP product or service, as well as excellent champions for product roll-in and roll-out.

In use by SAP developers since at least 2002, when the standard methodology for creating SAP Industry Solutions involved a lengthy phase of domain analysis and requirements gathering with industry experts.
Recently used in the elevator pitch/explanation of what an SAP Mentor is.

This phrase is written on the SAP Mentor cards that we are giving out to people interested in the initiative. Has by now been replaced with "excellent champions of community projects". Jon Reed was the one who stumbled over the term and could not find it on Google, thus identifying one more of the approximately 12 non-random character sequences in all languages combined that cannot be found on Google (but of course in the SCN Urban Dictionary).

(The Forum) Rules of Engagement

Every community have their own rules to run the community in more ethical way in public and for public that's what we've few simple "Rules of Engagement" hence must get warmer with them before Welcome(Self (wink) ) to SCN!!

Most widely used when newcomers didn't go through the Forum rules before posting/answering or violates them in either way.

Rules of Engagement
no surprise (old link).

New link.ROE

Also abbreviated as the acronym: "ROE"

same, the

"it" or "that"

"Thats quite interesting will surely try the same. Require few more details on the same. "
(this snippet is actually from one post and uncut)
Another linguistic gem: "Kindly requested to do the needful on the same."


Funny to see this lengthy form of "it" in posts full of weird abbreviations and text speak.

SandclockIn English: HourglassNo, really. Apparently we don't execute reports we "clock and tick" them.  
SCNottiesSAP Community Network awards for member videos. Patterned after the Razzies, these reward bad takes."@thorstenster re: @citoki and - may be up for a technical SCNotties award. No dialogue, 25 seconds of credits..."30 seconds of recognition

Dormant since 2012; it's time for a remake.

Twitter feed: @SCNotties

space invader

Abuser, points hunter, etc. in the Jive 5 version of SCN "SCNergy"

Don't tell me the space invaders landed on your forum already?

SCNergy planning conference call 17-Nov-2011. @sjohannes, @jspath55, et al

From "space" being the Jive term for a content area.

space ranger

The SCNergy form of a mod.

"I want to be a space ranger"

@jspath55, conference call 17-Nov-2011

Fights against the space invaders.

spec dumpThe offloading of a job requirement to third parties; a nefarious version of "lazy web" requests.

My comments before locking such stuff in ABAP Development are e.g. "spec dumping
, please do your own work", "please search for available information before ...

Blog post: Just Another Rant Aug 19, 2010 at 09:55 AM

"Looks like spec-dumping of something /* */ is charging for as well.
Threads locked (triplicate cross-posting)"

From the OP: And, for extra grooviness, the subject has a typo "Creating transection code".

squirrelAffectionate nickname for Abesh Bhattacharjee, in honor of his quick attention span. The phrase was uttered in the Pixar movie "UP" when dogs are easily distracted by nonexistent animals (rodents in this case). Used as a plot point.."Abesh. Squirrel!"

October 20, 2010
SAP TechEd Berlin, 2010 : The future is exciting…


[Image Courtesy : Jim Spath ]

stammtisch (German)"regulars' table" or an ad hoc meeting -

Talking about diverse topics that are "hot" in the SAPCommunity makes it a #SAPStammtisch

#SAPStammtisch (Hashtag) used at twitter , sometimes extended by the abbreviation of the location (similar to #SAPInsideTrack )
 See: stammtisch (definition)
See: SAPStammtisch (schedule in right-mosted column)
Also see: Dorothy Parker et al


This is when a fresher (also:n00b) is magically catapulted into cut-throat corporate environment and demanded deliverables gets a doubt.
Having no clue what to do and how to do things the step-by-step card is placed on the table with promise of ruwards on condition of ASAP replies.
When asked to do the needful, the OP is then blasted with a few million link-farms and in some cases his threads get abused. The result of which could be a <removed_by_moderator> and a few more links to the Rules of Engagement. Bolstered by the answers, the OP then turns into a repeat offender with more step-by-step requests. Watching all the action, from the land of Vlad Tepes on the other side of the world, is a mod who warms up a guest-o-blaster and prepares the Guestification process.

I want to implement WM module in my organization. Please send step-by-step process.

From time immemorial...



No known meaning yet... Some of the best minds of the SCN Elite have dirtied their hands trying to decode and demystify this word, but without success.

The first known usage - "I'm not getting replies for my survivlance. So that i got frustrated and have taken this decission."

First Usage.

New link: "Remove my account from sdn"


Any member who can successfully decrypt this word can share the credits of being the co-coiner (along with sailaja) of the word in the SCN Urban Dictionary.


A term for guests who do stupid things which they could not have achieved on their own without having a whole company infrastructure to support them in their deeds. Users caught points-gaming are often thankful when guestification is a welcome euthanasia into the anonymity of the Guestworld. However when using a company mail address and S-account number for the guest ID's, the broken links to their last flamed posts are restored again when they log onto SDN via the SMP. This unexpected restoration of the identity (without points) is a greater shock to the guest if they went down "guns a blazing" e.g. making defamatory posts in what they expected to be their final moments at SDN. They are then condemned to wander around the forums of SDN without any means of removing the evidence of their deeds, except by performing them again...

"Of course, all his teeth are removed and his knee caps are drilled through with a red-hot spike to make him slower, but he can return to SDN again as an sZombie. It is a terribly shameful and scandalous way to spend the rest of eternity."


"xxx is an sZombie from yyy. He is now in his 3rd life at SDN. His 2nd death also removed all his sdnly assets from him in the hope that this would encourage him to seek a career in something other than link-farming and points-gaming should he return in a later life as something which infact can read and write."

First used by David Branan in June 2008.

Another seldom used variant is "cZombies".

(to) take a drive with Merv

Often folks don't think enough or know enough about their own questions before asking them. Can happen...
 In special cases folks also stick to their original question and disregard the answers without providing further information - and then retreat into the background eventually to join Merv Grazinski for a coffee.

"We need to find the IP used for this background job execution."

Tracing a background job IP

new link

I would like to coin a new SDNism which I feel has some potential use in the forums from time to time...

TIA, Thanks In Advance Thread"I vote for the thanks in advance, and yes, it does belong in the dictionary just for that." 

(being) totally frickin' amazing (TFA)


"Marilyn is totally frickin' amazing!"

Hugh McLeod's print handed out to the SAP Mentors





If one were to use this expression in modern business communication, the other party would assume (possibly correctly) that you are an illiterate teenager.
See Matt Kangas' blog Thoughts from a Forum Moderator

And unearthed here, as former memberized.


mostly used by non-native English speakers. The real meaning is to install an improvement of either hard- or software, the 'normal' english term equivalent would be upgrade. however, many variations of upgradation can be found

forum search returned 574 hits.

Careful with an upgradation. Delete first.

Also here

"We need to uninstall the previous version before going for upgradation.”


updationlike upgradationsee comments  


A tacit acknowledgement by the OP that he/she lacks the knowledge required to solve the problem, it is also a wilful acceptance of their incapability in understanding the Rules of Engagement. Any threads prefixed with this word can remain unanswered while the thread itself should be reported for abuse.

Urgent!!!! - Step by step workflow guide


Normal English usage is an adjective, as in "Urgent Notice", but sometimes seen on SCN as a noun: "It is the Urgent", presumably meaning "This is an emergency".
Can often also be associated with prior requests for example resumes by the OP...


Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0)

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  1. Former Member

    We need to add Julius Day (wink)

  2. Anonymous

    Chris - what are the Meaning, Sample Use, Origin, and any Comment?

    Or are you pulling our leg?

  3. Please, fix the fresh/fresher entry to add a distinction between "n00b" and "newbie". Those terms are mostly used in online gaming and means two slight different things: both are freshers, but the newbie is eager to learn and to improve his skills, while the n00b is just a useless piece of meat rear a keyboard-mouse combo.

    The same could be applied to some freshers in the SCN: some of them want really to learn and improve their skills while some others are just trying to leech your knowledge. Usually you can differentiate them because the newbie has made some research before posting asking for advices/hints and shows some respect for the answers received, while the n00b just asks for their work to be done.

    Dunno if someone will read this comment, but I felt the urge to post it, because in the past, all we were freshers. Some of you became experts or gurus, some like are still newbies, and some people still been n00bs.

    (my apologizes because my English grammar, I'm still a newbie with this language)

  4. Former Member


    This made me laugh - I will be sure to update this document with some nuggets from the boards I visit and moderate

  5. Anonymous






  6. Anonymous

    Hi Jim,

    glad to see you back on SCN and related pages. just a little comment about 'u'. it must have been borrowed from texting (or SMSing for some) and social media. it's great in saving space, but where space is abundant somewhat too direct. also, just noticed this: 'sZombie' entry should no longer be valid in the GDPR-enforced or formerized world.

    my 2 cents and thx, greg

    1. Greg - Yes, the "u" could use work. That comment includes a stale link to a Matt Kangas blog, which, unfortunately now doesn't list his name (no small effort to track down the old post, either). So my work here includes not only bad link cleanup, but making historical notes about which social media platform (Confluence, Jive, and whatever-this-is) was active when the term was in use, and expanding post-formerization content.