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Solution Manager Scenarios Overview

SAP Solution Manager is a centralized solution management platform that provides the tools, the integrated content, and the gateway to SAP that you need to implement, support, operate, and monitor your SAP solutions. It helps to minimize risks and to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO). SAP Solution Manager runs in your solution landscape and facilitates the technical support of your distributed systems. SAP Solution Manager is a lifecycle management platform used to implement, run and optimize SAP applications. It is used to manage the technical implementation.

The SAP Solution Manager supports the following scenarios:

  1. Service Desk
  2. Implementing and Upgrading SAP Solutions
  3. Change Management
  4. Solution Monitoring
  5. SAP Services & Support
  6. Root Cause Analysis

Service Desk

The Service Desk is an interface between you and SAP Service & Support. You can forward messages to SAP, and get problem solutions, in the Service Desk. This component processes internal support messages and can forward them to SAP Support. You can process these support messages centrally in the Solution Manager Service Desk.

Implementing and Upgrading SAP Solutions

The SAP Solution Manager provides central access to all tools, methods, documents and other data required in the implementation environment. You can use implementation contents, delivered with the SAP Solution Manager and regularly updated, and adjust it to your requirements.
Upgrade-relevant contents are also delivered with the SAP Solution Manager, as an upgrade roadmap and upgrade-specific business scenario and process contents. SAP Solution Manager supports both:

  1. restarting an upgrade project
  2. perform an upgrade project based on an implementation project

Change Management

Change Management in the SAP Solution Manager is aligned to the processes in the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), the de facto standard for service management. Change Management aims to perform changes economically, quickly, and with minimum risk. Following are the features of change management

  1. Maintenance Optimizer - The Maintenance Optimizer leads you through planning, download and implementation of support packages and patches for your satellite system. You can also install enhancement packages with the Maintenance Optimizer.
  2. Change Request Management as part of SAP Solution Manager integrates Service Desk functionality for managing change requests, and extends project control by integrating project planning with the cProjects application into a transport workflow control.

Solution Monitoring

Solution monitoring helps to manage the heterogeneous landscapes efficiently. It guarantees the real time monitoring of all systems in a solution based on Computer Center Management System (CCMS). Manages and documents the background processing in the entire system landscape. Solution Monitoring monitors your core business processes run in accordance with the priorities of your company.

Services & Support

Services in the SAP Solution Manager are services which help you to monitor and optimize the performance and availability of your system landscapes and minimize your system operation risks. SAP Solution Manager is a platform for the delivery of services for the following areas:

  1. Risk minimization
  2. Optimization of SAP solutions
  3. Knowledge transfer

Root Cause Analysis

The goal of the root cause analysis is to identify and provide an immediate corrective action, restore services as quickly as possible and a complete solution to the issue at hand. SAP provides monitoring to proactively detect errors and performance bottlenecks before they affect the continuity of the business. Alerts are triggered, based on thresholds, which notifies the appropriate IT team responsible for the system. The scope of solution monitoring is proactive detection of incidents while Root Cause Analysis aims at incident resolution.

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