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Update: We are not using the stub text concept anymore, what we are doing is using the "stub" label. Every page that is not finished we add the label "stub" to it. Once there is 80% of the relevant content on the page, everyone can delete the label with one click. Much faster. See also: Wiki FAQ

Advantage is also that you can select the label and find all pages that are stubs, which are pages that you can improve. (Unfortunately that functionality doesn't currently work here, but will be soon again.)  The search though works very nicely.

The concept of Business Process Expert is not understood by many organisations.  A Business Process Expert has wide ranging knowledge of the Business and has the ability to translate the business processes to IT and help develop a solution. 

This is a concept that is also used in Pages that are not finsihed yet are marked by a stub information that links to this page. (Of course in a Wiki environment pages are never 100% finished)

Therefore please mark pages that don't contain at least 80% of the page's topic by adding this stub information at the beginning (just copy and paste):

(info) This page is a Stub. Please improve it if you can.

Once the 80% threshold is reached take the Stub sign off.

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  1. Unknown User (z66d36t)

    there is a typo in this text: copy and paiste

    please correct to: copy and paste

  2. Former Member

    you could do, too.

  3. Former Member

  4. Former Member

    Good idea, I put it into some of the Visual Composer pages...