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This page is part of the ITS Troubleshooting Guide

If an ITS service is called embedded (called inside an Enterprise Portal, Fiori Launchpad (FLP), CRM, NWBC, via SAP Web Dispatcher (WDP), or using SAP Screen Personas), it is useful to know whether the issue happens without the additional framework as well (i.e. by removing the additional frameworks from the equation).

To call an ITS service directly, perform the following steps:

  1. Logon via SAPGUI for Windows to the ABAP system where the Integrated ITS is running
  2. Call transaction SICF and navigate to the node:
    sap → bc → gui → sap → its → <affected ITS service> (e.g. webgui, bwsp)
  3. Select "Test Service" from context menu of the service node
    Right Click → Test Service
  4. Example: 2203575 - How to call webgui directly [VIDEO]

See Also

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