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We have six systems in our SAP solution (CRM 4.0, BW 6.40, XI 6.40, RM 6.40, EP 6.40, Solution Manager 7.00) 32- bits non Unicode, except XI, in a develop landscape. We have to change all of these systems to 64- bits and we have to migrate to netweaver 2004s solution (BW, XI, EP) except RM because of advance state of development. CRM will be changed to a 5.0 version as well. It won't exactly be a migration but a new installation in all of our system.
We have been told that it will be a good solution to install all of our system with Unicode versions, but we are only going to work in a local market, in a Spanish region, and we don't need to do business with other Spanish regions and nor do we with other countries.
Unicode version uses more resources than non Unicode version, but we don't know about advantages or disadvantages to choose Unicode vs. non Unicode, and what is the effect going to be over our systems if we'll decide to change to Unicode versions. What are the improvements over the performance of our systems?
 Very thanks.

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