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Parameters of a query that are created in the BEx Query Designer and are not actually filled with values (processed) until the query is inserted into a workbook. They function as a place holder for characteristic values, hierarchies, hierarchy nodes, texts, and formula elements, and can be processed in different ways. Variables in the SAP Business Information Warehouse are global variables, meaning that they are uniquely defined and are available for the definition of all queries.


The status of a document. Every content change is saved in the Knowledge Provider as a new version of a document. A document can have any number of versions. Read-only access is possible for old versions.


The status of a document throughout its lifecycle. A possible change of status is through content versioning. Content version is used synonymously with version in the context of the BDS. New versions require editing options.

versioned folder

Folder whose contents are versioned. Whether or not folder contents are versioned depends on the folder settings.


A display format in the user menu. When maintaining the user menu, you can choose a List display or a Hierarchy display.

To switch between these two display formats, use the "Change view" option.

View form

A template, made available by the Unification Server, by means of which the Database Unifier displays to the user all the fields of a selected record, with a default of ten fields in a single display.

view XSL

XSL stylesheet used by the form-based publishing application for displaying a document in an HTML form.


For the content developer: The Visible parameter makes the iView appear by default on the user's page. For the user: The Visible parameter enables the user to show or hide the iView.

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