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Web component

An iPanel component, the data source of which is a site on the World Wide Web, extending the reach of the Enterprise Portal to any site on the Internet. Dragging a HyperRelational link onto a Web component formulates and launches a URL that retrieves specific, related data from the designated Web site.

Web Dynpro ABAP

Web Dynpro ABAP is a technology used to create platform — and language — independent Web-based interfaces.

Web Service Connector

Provides the ability to interact with Web services, regardless of their source (also in SAP NetWeaver 2004 SP14 and later).

Web Service Description Language (WSDL)

WSDL is independent of a specific computer language. Consumers of a service use this description to call the service. You can either create a WSDL description for existing functions, or create services directly in WSDL.

Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP)

WSRP is a standard for content aggregators, such as Web portals, to access and display content sources (portlets) that are hosted on a remote server. WSRP is a technology agnostic protocol designed for accessing remote portlets in a standard manner.


WebEx is a service provider for SCF and used for online meetings in both CLP and in Team Calendar.

WebEx session

A WebEx session is the time during which an online WebEx meeting occurs.

wide iView

An iView that fits into a wide page column and is marked by a "W" in the Layout tab.


Widgets are "helper applications"--- mini-applications that allow the user to monitor or interact with an application without needing to launch the full application. The most popular widgets offer simple tasks like monitoring CPU usage, WiFi signal strength, the current time, weather, RSS feeds, stock quotes, and e-mail. Other popular widgets are more interactive, including simple games, music playback control, blogging, or launching a search.

work item

Runtime representation of a task or a step in the workflow definition. There are various types of work items.

workflow step

Step in a sequence of steps that a document must go through in a (approval) workflow.


Function that causes a new window to be opened to protect a user's work when he or she has edited an iView (e.g. SAP transaction) and navigates away from the iView. Without this function, the user would lose all his or her work. WorkProtect mode must be activated by the iView.


A specific collection of tasks, services, and information that are part of a role. A workset comprises all the tasks, services, and information for a specific activity area, such as controlling or budgeting.

Write Project Mode for the PCD

When write-project mode is active, the editors are either not available at all or have limited functionality in the portal. This is especially useful during data migration, backups or updates of the system in order to avoid data loss of inconsistency (also in SAP NetWeaver 2004 SP12).


See Web Service Description Language.


See Web Services for Remote Portlets.

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