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SAP Web Dynpro for Java and ABAP

General information

Web Dynpro for Java

See Web Dynpro for Java

Web Dynpro for ABAP

See Web Dynpro ABAP

Related Areas

To install or not to install Unicode in a new develop landscape

Wiki Guidelines

(info) See "." for guidelines and updates on posting on SDN and BPX


  1. Unknown User (axqlp4t)

    I think it would be good to separate Java and ABAP specific parts, they have too many specific details.

  2. Former Member

    Link to new Web Dynpro ABAP space added

  3. Former Member


    i have 2 views in web dynpro.

    in 1st screen have 2 push buttons such as change and display.based on change button display the all input fields should be editable in second view.

    whenever click on display all input fields should be non edit mode.