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  What is a Wiki?WIKI is a collaborative website frequently updated by the SCN members in relation to multiple SAP topics .Containing up to date how-to-guides, step by step instructions and rich variety of contents.
The Wiki is also perfect for virtual projects. And the best thing is: The Wiki is easy to use. You don't need to know Wiki markup language, a simple online editor allows you to format and structure your pages and additions nicely and attach all kinds of files for a project. The wiki consists of "spaces". A "space" is the name for a group of pages (parent page and its children) under a certain topic.In order to view the full list of wiki spaces please go to the Wiki Dashboard. Visit the Wiki sandbox  to try everything yourself. Please visit Wiki FAQ for more useful information.

                                                                                                  Please review these important features :


                                                                                                               Links  to explanations :


                                                                                                                          (choose from the picture above the tab you want to learn about)

                                                                                                                                                    ( Please post your questions here  )


Editing Menu (after clicking on the "Edit" tab)

  1. Rich Text: edit your page in rich text (easier to use then Wiki Markup language)
  2. Wiki Markup: edit your page in Wiki Markup language (a bit like HTML)
  3. Preview: shows you how the page will be displayed after you save it
  4. Paragraph: defines the size of the font
  5. Insert: drop down menu that allows you to insert different macros and features
  6. Link: insert a link 
  7. Photo: insert photo (most be uploaded first as an attachment)
  8. Insert: links to the macros menu* *
  9. Full Screen: enables you to edit your in a full screen mode
  10. Toggle Context Menu: enabling it will allow you to have the drop menu (item 5 in this list) by click on the right button of the mouse
  11. Add table: allows you to add a table
  12. Table features: different features that will help you create the table you desire 

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Add Tab (The display of this tab is defined by the user's privileges)



  1. Page: Add a child page (a page which is descendent from the page he was create from
  2. Gliffy Diagram: Add a Gliffy Diagram
  3. Comment: add a comment
  4. Attachment: add an attachment (limit of 300 KB per page)

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Tools Tab


  1. View Comments: view the comments that were posted in the page
  2. Notify moderator : contact the moderator of the wiki space
  3. Request Points : Request points from the space's moderator for your contribution (content adding, spelling/formatting correction, restructuring etc.)
  4. Attachments (authorized users only): View or download the attachments of the page. You can also attach your own file.
  5. Page History: View past versions of the page and information about them (Date, author and etc.)
  6. Restrictions (authorized users only): View the viewing & editing restrictions made on the page (please note that page restrictions effect page restrictions but don't appear there- for further details contact the moderators)
  7. Favorite : Add this page to your favorites list
  8. Watch: : Watch this page (receive email notification about changes)
  9. Watch Page Family: Watch this page and the pages that will be created under him (child pages)
  10. Info: Provides you information about the page's hierarchy, labels, recent changes and more
  11. Link to this page : Provides you info about different ways to link to this page 
  12. View Wiki Markup: View the Markup code of the page
  13. Copy : Create a copy of this page
  14. Move : Shift page to another location
  15. Remove : Delete page

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 Browse Tab 

  1. Pages : browse through the pages in the space
  2. News :  view the news in the space
  3. Labels: view the labels used in the space
  4. Attachments: view all the attachments in the space
  5. Advanced (authorized users only): access the advanced feature in the space

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 User Tab

  1. Recently Viewed: lists the pages viewed by you.
  2. Profile: links to your wiki profile
  3. Labels: lists your labels and links to related content
  4. Watches: links to all the spaces/pages you watch
  5. Drafts: Lists all the drafts you created
  6. settings: Your wiki account info

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 Page Info


  1. How many attachments exist in the page
  2. The name of the person who created the page
  3. Who was the last to edit the page and on which date
  4. View what change was made in the last edit

Embedding images located on an other space

  1. Go to the Wiki Markup editing mode of the designated page
  2. Insert this line of code with the relevant information: 
    !sandbox:Wiki Sandbox^result.JPG!

Name of space - Could be found in the URL of the space's main page - example : _
Name of page - The title of the page
Name of the file- Copy the name of the file with it's extensions

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