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Yahoo! content module

An object existing on a Yahoo! Internet-based server, accessible to My Yahoo! and Yahoo! Enterprise Solutions customers over the Web. Yahoo! content modules are available to the Enterprise Portal for display as iViews.

Yahoo! Enterprise Solutions

A business endeavor initiated and run by Yahoo! Inc. SAP Enterprise Portal enables the display of iViews that deliver Internet content that is available through Yahoo! Enterprise Solutions. For more information see

Yahoo! Enterprise Solutions server

A server run and managed solely by Yahoo! Enterprise Solutions, which provides the dynamic and up-to-date content that is displayed in Yahoo! iViews (and Yahoo! content modules on other Yahoo!-related portals).

Yahoo! iView

A Yahoo! "content module" that is imported from Yahoo! Enterprise Solutions into the portal content repository. Content modules imported from Yahoo! are reconstructed as .NET iViews, which are then displayed in the mySAP Enterprise Portal environment. Portal end users can personalize the content using a personal Yahoo! account.

Yahoo! module group

Category defined by Yahoo! that organizes Yahoo! content modules into manageable groups, based on a common identity or area of interest. Module groups are similar to "channels" in SAP Enterprise Portal, which categorize iViews into groups.

Y table

Attribute SID table for time-dependent master data.

The Y table has the same fields as the X table.

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