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xApp Mobile Asset Management Middleware Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different sync bos in xMAM 2.0 and xMAM 2.5?

Valid For: xMAM 2.0; xMAM 2.5

The syncbos for xMAM 2.0 are the following:

MAM_001: Orders
MAM_005: Time confirmations (upload)
MAM_006: Material Consumptions (upload)
MAM_010: Notifications
MAM_015: Catalog Profiles and Catalog Code Groups
MAM_030: Functional Locations
MAM_031: Equipments
MAM_040: Measurement Documents (upload)
MAM_041: Measurement Points
MAM_050: Partners
MAM_070: Inventory
MAM_090: User Specific Data
MAM_095: Customizing

The syncbos for xMAM 2.5 are the following:

MAM25_001: Orders
MAM25_005: Time confirmations (upload)
MAM25_006: Material Consumptions (upload)
MAM25_010: Notifications
MAM25_016: Catalog Profiles
MAM25_017: Catalog Code Groups
MAM25_030: Functional Locations
MAM25_031: Equipments
MAM25_040: Measurement Documents (upload)
MAM25_041: Measurement Points
MAM25_050: Partners
MAM25_070: Inventory
MAM25_090: User Specific Data
MAM25_095: Customizing

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Do I have to schedule the replication of data from the backend?

Valid For: xMAM 2.5

Yes. This will ensure that at specific internal defined by the job, it will start program "MEREP_REPLICATOR_START" with a variant that includes the specific syncbo names. This will connect to the backend will retrieve all deltas for the MAM syncbos of type "Timed 2-way". This includes all syncbos except for the ORDER, NOTIFICATION and INVENTORY. These are only invoked when the client synchronizes.

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How can I reset the replication DB?

Valid For: xMAM 2.0

OSS Note 601548 describes this process. You can follow the instructions in the "SAP xMAM 2.0 - Component Upgrade Guide" if you need to upgrade your SyncBO definitions.

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