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What is IT Planning?

“IT planning” is the task to initially design or reshape an IT solution with respect to customer-specific requirements and boundary conditions. Initiator is typically a plan for a major IT change, e.g. a functional extension of an existing IT solution, an overhaul of the technical platform, preparation for business volume growth or a change of business organizations to be reflected in the IT solution etc.

SAP AGS IT Planning provides help for IT decision-making processes like development or review of concepts for solution landscapes and operations strategies that fulfill the SAP customer’s long term requirements.

  • On-site Services SAP AGS IT Planning services are very customer specific - addressing "non-standard" questions holistically in a "non-standard" effort. Content, scope, and delivery model of each engagement are customized to meet the customer-specific requirements. Service deliveries are based on well-defined, flexible and transparent methodologies and include a remote scoping process and an on-site workshop at customer side. Service results are documented in a customer-specific report.
  • Knowledge Products Certainly, SAP AGS IT Planning services are based on SAP's best practices and combined with  the know-how of architects from AGS as well as other groups in SAP. This know-how is also made available with various knowledge products, e.g. best practice documents, white papers and SAP Solution Manager roadmaps.

An overview presentation of IT Planning focus areas can be found here.

For more information on the specific IT planning topics covered and deliverables available see the next section below.


Transition to SAP HANA

SAP AGS IT Planning supports in detail the transition of an IT solution to SAP HANA, leveraging the unique value and benefits of SAP HANA to business and IT. The transition is supported at all phases – beginning at the development of a long-term platform strategy for the IT solution on SAP HANA, up to a transition roadmap and migration plans and technical architectures for individual SAP systems.

Detailed information:

Run SAP Like A Factory
SAP's approach to equally effective and efficient application management and solution operation can be summed up with the motto Run SAP like a Factory. In the process, the SAP Solution Manager creates a central Operations Control Center that provides all the important status and runtime information on the most important business processes, their critical interfaces and the underlying software components.

SAP AGS IT Planning supports the overall Run SAP like a Factory methodology, especially the implementation of the Operations Control Center.

Detailed information:

Technical Architecture

The term “technical architecture” denotes the layout of SAP software solutions on technical infrastructures like data centers, hardware, virtualization/private cloud solutions, HA/DR solutions etc. SAP AGS IT Planning supports the design of scalable, flexible and maintainable solutions, fitting to customer-specific boundary conditions like availability demands, data center locations, preferred software/hardware partners etc.

Detailed information:

Performance & Capacity Management

Growth in business volume, growth in users, system consolidations or release upgrades shall not compromise performance. This is ensured by proactive management of performance, scalability and hardware capacity of the SAP solution. SAP AGS IT Planning analyzes existing SAP systems in this regard, develops customer-specific capacity models and can support the introduction of performance and capacity management processes at customers.

Detailed information:  

Production System Strategy

Is a single global instance for an SAP application feasible or are multiple instances for different regions or lines of business required? SAP AGS IT Planning helps finding an answer to this question based on customer-specific boundary conditions and well-defined decision criteria. This includes the required design of related SAP system landscapes for software change management.

Detailed information:

Software Change Management

Managing software changes in a SAP solution, be it for bug fixing, new releases or maintenance events, requires mature processes and well-designed non-production landscapes. SAP AGS IT Planning can help to find the right balance between flexibility, safety and cost by reviewing or introducing change, release, maintenance and test management processes as well as best-fitting non-production SAP system landscapes.

Detailed information:


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