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SAP Screen Personas

Change history in admin tools

SAP SCREEN PERSONAS KNOWLEDGE BASE - by Tamas Hoznek , Former Member


Sometimes it is hard to keep track of who changed an object and why. Therefore, there is a change logging feature to record all performed changes, which is accessible in the Personas Administration transaction.


The change history records all changes done by users and administrators in the admin tools. It is active by default and records all changes in the background.

The following objects are supported:

  • Flavors
  • Themes
  • Templates
  • Resources
  • Icons
  • Roles
  • Screen- and control overwrite entries
  • Sharing (role/flavor and user/flavor)
  • Role/theme assignments
  • Global scripts

Browsing the change history

To view the change log you can use transaction /PERSONAS/CHANGELOG. Here you're landing on a selection screen where you can search for the log records you are interested in. Similar to other Administration features, the usual quick and advanced search is available to specify the desired search criteria. For example:

  • Object type: FLAVOR
  • Object key: <Flavor ID of the flavor>

Of course you can also search using other criteria, for example changes done by a specific user.

In the result screen you can browse your desired changes. The changes are displayed in a generic way:

  • Each changed field will be displayed in a separate table row
  • Newly added objects and entries will be displayed in multiple rows. Each new value is represented in a single row
  • Deleted objects and entries will be displayed in multiple rows as well.

You can see whether a change is an insertion, modification or deletion in table column "Change Type". Table column "UI Type" shows you whether changes were done using the admin tools or the Personas client.

Direct access to the change history of each object

It is also possible to browse the recorded changes for each object you are currently viewing in its corresponding object maintenance transaction by selecting the 'Change History' tab.




Important News

This knowledge base is not solely SAP provided content - but community driven. Please also check on SMP and for SAP released information and notes on SAP Screen Personas.

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How to Open OSS Message

 What information is needed for creating OSS message?

  1. Make Sure you are on the latest patches and notes.
  2. Kernel Patch Level
  3. Two Types of connections to your environment: HTTP and R/3
  4. All the connections should be tested with proper credentials provided
  5. Steps to re-create the issue
  6. Attach related logs
  7. File tickets against BC_PER

Client settings can be viewed/edited using transaction sm30 and opening maintenance view for table /personas/sttngs.