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SAP Screen Personas

Color alias customizing table in Personas 3.0

SAP SCREEN PERSONAS KNOWLEDGE BASE - by Tamas Hoznek , Regina Sheynblat , Dominik Ofenloch
Additional Author: Guntars Smithins

Updated Admin Guide SP08


 This article describes how you can define color aliases and how you can benefit from them. It is intended for developers who creates/edits flavors and uses scripting language to apply color styles.


In SAP Screen Personas 3.0 you can select your colors from a predefined color palette as well as from your own defined color palette based on color aliases. A color alias is a predefined color name for a specified color. SAP already delivers a predefined set of color aliases but it is also possible to define your own color aliases. 


In order to ensure a consistent application look & feel it is necessary to use the same colors across all screens. Often it is also required to change a once defined color code to fit to new design guidelines. For this our team developed the color aliases! Instead of directly defining a specific color developers can use color aliases to define colors. During runtime the color alias is replaced by the actual color code from the color alias table.

Setting up color aliases

Personas 3.0 already comes with a predefined color alias table. You can change them or add your own color aliases. For this you have to start transaction /PERSONAS/ADMIN and choose menu Goto->Corporate Colors.

A color alias consists of a unique alias name, a description and a color code. The color alias name can be used in the script editor to reference to a color code. When creating new color aliases remember that color alias name should be unique. In case a color alias gets changed the alias will be applied to runtime changes only when flavor cache will be cleared.

Using color aliases

When editing flavors you can choose your colors from the additional Corporate color area:


Color aliases are stored in the alias customizing table. When a color alias is used in a flavor the editor stores the alias-name as well as the color-code in the flavor. This allows users to apply the selected color code also in case the color alias customizing is not available. Examples:

  • Color alias is available in customizing table and used in flavor
    In case a color alias is available in the alias customizing table the flavor uses the color code defined in the customizing table. The local color stored in the flavor is ignored. In case a color code got changed it may be necessary to refresh the flavor cache.
  • Color alias is used in flavor but NOT available in color alias table
    This may be the case when you transported or exported the flavor to another system. In this case the system uses the color code which was stored with the alias as the flavor got edited for the last time. You can redefine the color code by re-creating the alias.

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