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SAP Screen Personas

Launching flavors directly from NWBC

SAP SCREEN PERSONAS KNOWLEDGE BASE - by Tobias Queck , Tamas Hoznek , Kranthi Kumar Muppala


The purpose of this document is to guide an administrator through the configuration of a NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC) role using the SAP Screen Personas 3.0 administration tools and role maintenance (PFCG).


After the development of SAP Screen Personas flavors is completed, administrators need to distribute flavors to their end-users. One of the possible approaches is to configure role menus for NWBC which open the relevant personalized transactions for users assigned by role. The guide contains three major parts:  preparation, configuration of the role menus and transport of the configuration.


  1. The flavors FA, FB, FC are developed in DEV system
  2. Admin goes to transaction /personas/launch and creates a transaction variant for each flavor (VFA, VFB, VFB) - more information at Directly launching flavors
    1. Enter flavor id into FLAVOR field
    2. Open menu  Goto -> Variants -> Save as Variant...
    3. Enter valid variant name e.g. VFA and an optional description and save

Configuring a PFCG Role Menu

  1. Admin goes to PFCG open/creates the role that should get the personas links
  2. For each variant admin:
    1. Add Report
    2. Enters report /personas/starter and the chosen variant
    3. Other values (see screenshot)
  3. This creates a launch transaction with a generated name or a chosen and a menu entry
    1. Note: the transaction code can be used as any other code anywhere else
    2. This is a development task and requires a valid package (and a corresponding transport request)
  4. Configuration done, admin/user can test it in DEV system

Note: Limitations of SAP GUI for Windows

Following this approach, if you use NWBC for Windows, then the SAP GUI for Windows will be used to render your flavors. At this point in time, the SAP GUI supports only a limited set of Personas features, therefore, it might be a better option to enforce the rendering with the SAP GUI for HTML. To do so, don't add a report as described but add a ' Web address or file' pointing to the Personas ICF service using the transaction parameter e.g. <your system>/sap/bc/personas?sap-ie=edge&~transaction=<your tcode>.

Transporting the Configuration

  1. Admin goes to transaction /personas/flavor
    1. Select the flavors FA, FB, FC
    2. Click the search, select and then transport button
  2. Transport screen opens, admin can choose to create a new transport request or pick an existing one
  3. All flavors and the required objects (scripts, resources) are added to the requests
  4. Admin adds the role configuration to the transport request using PFCG
  5. Admin adds the variants to the transport using SE03
  6. Release the transports
  7. Same configuration can be tested in QA system

Configuration Example

In this section we provide a step by step guide how to run SAP Screen Personas 3.0 Flavors in NWBC for HTML

  1. Use SAP Screen Personas 3.0 Editor to create new Flavor of the desired screen
  2. Start transaction /PERSONAS/LAUNCH
    1. By using the F4 Help look for the previously created flavor 
    2. From the menu bar select Goto > Variants > Save as Variant
    3. Enter values for Variant Name and Description

    4. Save the changes
  3. Start transaction PFCG
    1. Look up and edit the target Role
    2. Please make sure that the labels User and User Comparison are green and the user is authorized to use SAP Screen Personas

    3. Click on the Menu tab and create new Folder

    4. Click on the tab labeled Other Node Details
    5. From the drop-down box labeled Folder Option select As Service Map

    6. Expand the menu of Transaction button and select the option labeled Report

    7. Enter Report: /PERSONAS/STARTER
    8. Enter Variant: Use the F4 Help to select the previously created variant
    9. Check the Skip selection screen checkbox

    10. Accept the changes and close the dialog
    11. Press the save button
  4. Start transaction NWBC
    1. Select /nwbc from the list

    2. Click on the previously created folder name
    3. You should be able to access the flavor.

NWBC for HTML 3.5 Configuration

NWBC for HTML 3.5 uses Internet Explorer 8 for rendering by default. This rendering mode is passed on to embedded applications using a URL parameter which is not supported by SAP Screen Personas and SAP GUI for HTML. To fix this, set the parameter FORCE_BROWSER_STANDARD_MODE in table NWBC_CFG to the value: /sap/bc/gui/sap/its/webgui|/sap/bc/personas

If the above parameter was already set in the table, use the pipe character '|' after the existing value and append the above mentioned parameter value.

After this is configured, clear the browser cache and NWBC cache and re-test.

More information on this topic can be found here:


Please note that to see personalized transactions in NWBC, it is either required that they are rendered with the SAP GUI for HTML (it is automatically used if you use NWBC for HTML) or that you have SAP GUI 740 or newer.

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