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SAP Screen Personas

Deactivating SAP Screen Personas

SAP SCREEN PERSONAS KNOWLEDGE BASE - by Tamas Hoznek , Regina Sheynblat , Sebastian Steinhauer


You want to control the availability of SAP Screen Personas in the supported GUIs.


This article explains how to deactivate SAP Screen Personas - which is activated by default - through the use of a support bit. Furthermore, it describes how you can deactivate SAP Screen Personas for other clients than Windows GUI.

Setting the support bit in SAP GUI

  1. Open SAP Logon
  2. Left click the SAP Icon/logo in the upper left corner of the SAP Logon window
  3. Select "Options ..."
  4. Under SAP Logon Options -> General in Additional Command Line Arguments
  5. Press OK
  6. Restart SAP Logon

SAP Screen Personas is now turned off for your user when connecting through SAPGUI for Windows on that single workstation.

Setting the support bit via Windows Registry for SAP GUI

  1. Open the Registry Editor
  2. Navigate to Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SAP\SAPLogon\Options
  3. Edit property: SapguiNTCmdOpts

This is useful if the change is necessary on multiple computers.

The registry key can be exported and then imported via automation tools (contact your IT administration for more details).


Setting the support bit via command line

It is also possible to open the SAP GUI for WINDOWS using the command line. When doing so, both the manual SAP Logon setting as well as the registry entry are ignored, however, you can add it as a parameter:

sapgui <server> <instNum> /SUPPORTBIT_OFF=SAP_PERSONAS

Disable Personas on a single workstation in Java GUI

Java GUI has its own setting in Preferences to disable Personas:


Changing settings in a customizing table

It is possible to disable Personas system-wide on each client separately. For this, you need to maintain a customizing table via the Administration transaction:

  1. Start transaction /PERSONAS/SETTINGS. You can also start transaction /PERSONAS/ADMIN, then navigate to Customizing → Settings. As a third option, you can maintain the table /PERSONAS/STTNGS using transaction SM30.
  2. Check for existing settings or add a new entry:
    1. DISABLE_JAVAGUI with value X to disable Personas in Java GUI
    2. DISABLE_WEBDYNPRO with value X to disable Personas in Web Dynpro
    3. DISABLE_WEBGUI with value X to disable Personas in SAP GUI for HTML (webgui) / Slipstream Engine
    4. DISABLE_WINGUI with value X to disable Personas in Windows GUI
  3. Save your changes and exit.

WebDynpro ABAP Flavors Only 

Disable personas for a specific application / for a single call  

Some applications should be excluded from being changed by Personas. This may be true for administration applications, or for applications with highly dynamic content. For those applications, Personas can be disabled with the application parameter WD_DISABLE_PERSONAS set to ‘X’.

For most of the administration applications delivered with WDA and FPM, like the configuration editor or the Personas administration application, Personas is switched off.

For support purposes it is also possible to disable Personas via URL parameter. Just start the application with the URL parameter “WD_DISABLE_PERSONAS=X” or “/PERSONAS/RUN_MODE=0”.

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