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SAP Screen Personas

Deactivating SAP Screen Personas in SAP GUI for HTML

SAP SCREEN PERSONAS KNOWLEDGE BASE - by Tamas Hoznek , Regina Sheynblat , Sebastian Steinhauer


In order to differentiate between SAPGUI for HTML (WebGUI) and SAP Screen Personas-related issues, it is possible to temporarily deactivate SAP Screen Personas in WebGUI or Slipstream Engine.


During a browser session, SAP Screen Personas can be deactivated the following ways:

  • User parameter
  • URL parameter

How to deactivate SAP Screen Personas via a user parameter?

  • Open transaction SU3
  • Enter the parameter /personas/run_mode
  • Set the value to 0 (the number zero) or O (the letter)
  • Save the setting
  • Restart the session

SAP Screen Personas is now deactivated for this specific user.
Other values are listed and explained here: Personas User Parameter: run mode

How to deactivate SAP Screen Personas using a URL parameter?

When accessing SAP Screen Personas through WebGUI or Slipstream Engine, you can use an additional URL parameter &sap-personas-runmode=0 to deactivate SAP Screen Personas for this specific browser session.


This option became available with this SAP note: 2150055  

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