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SAP Screen Personas

Launching flavors directly

SAP SCREEN PERSONAS KNOWLEDGE BASE - by Tamas Hoznek , Regina Sheynblat , Sebastian Steinhauer


SAP Screen Personas relies heavily on the use of a mouse. Nevertheless it is possible to control some aspects of SAP Screen Personas almost entirely using other options.


Using the SAP Screen Personas transaction /personas/launch it is possible to browse flavors available in the system, and launch the corresponding transaction with the flavor assigned - assuming that the user has access to the flavor. Through the use of transaction variants it is possible to define custom transactions names for the combination of flavor and transaction.

Opening the flavor launcher

  1. Enter the following into the t-code field: /n/personas/launch
  2. Select the flavor ID of choice in the FLAVOR field
  3. Press Execute (F8)

Jumping directly into a transaction

Option 1

It is possible to pass the ID of the desired flavor with the OKcode entry directly through the OKcode.

Use this syntax:

/n/personas/launch FLAVOR=<flavor ID>

Using this method allows starting a transaction with a desired flavor straight from the URL, similar to a shortlink in the earlier Personas versions. Instead of having to predefine the shortlink in the admin transaction, you can launch the flavor using a URL like this:


The ~okcode=ONLI parameter represents pressing the Execute button in the /PERSONAS/LAUNCH transaction.

Option 2

Append the Personas 3.0 launch URL with the following parameters:




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