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What if you could... your job faster and more efficient?    ...access your SAP information without opening    a browser or logging into SAP GUI?

  Welcome to the wonderful world of widgets. Enterprise widgets are little tools and helper-outers that perform particular tasks easier and faster than other tools. Find out more about cool widgets, the tools SAP provides, and useful information for your own widget development.

Why Widgets?

  • Imagineering believed that widgets could deliver targeted information to the business user.
  • They are easy to develop and deploy.
  • No training is required, widgets are intuitive to the users.


  • Imagineering developed widgets using Adobe Air, Yahoo, Google Gadgets, Net Vibes etc..
  • Support the companies initiatives and roadmap to empower end users.
  • Chance to get direct feEnterprise Widgets Overview - SAP Imagineering - SAP Community Network Wikiedback into SAP Collaborative Portal team and SAP innovation topics


  • Developed SAP Enterprise Widget Foundation (Foundation); Foundation is an enterprise communications proxy which by default resides on the client. Foundation handles authentication, communication with back-end systems, and security.
  • Eclipse Plug-Ins that allow you to quickly develop a Yahoo widget connected to an SAP Back-End

More Information

  • For more information on Foundation and Exclipse plug-ins please look at the following link: Enterprise Widgets
  • To get more ideas and to look at widgets that have been developed by the community: Widget Gallery
  • ZDNet Coverage from Demo Jam, 2007