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SAP Screen Personas

Export and Import of Flavors

SAP SCREEN PERSONAS KNOWLEDGE BASE - by Tobias Queck , Tamas Hoznek , Sebastian Steinhauer


This article explains how to export/import flavors as zip files. The export/import feature could be if you report an incident and the support team would like to have a closer look at the flavor causing an issue, or if you want to move flavors between systems without transport routes.


The following sections will show how to use the import and export flavor features that is provided through the program /personas/flavor_ui. The program can be executed by either entering /n/personas/flavors into the transaction code (ok code) field, or by click the Goto->Flavor Maintenance menu entry in the main Personas admin transaction /personas/admin. These are standard transactions and can be executed with the SAP GUI of your choice.

Flavor Export

SAP Screen Personas 3.0 supports to export a single flavor or a selection of flavors. First go to the flavor maintenance as described in the last section.

  1. In the search screen specify the criteria matching your flavor(s) e.g. owner or App Id. / Trans Code
  2. If more than one flavor is found, the flavor selection screen is shown
  3. On the selection screen, you can
    1. either select a single flavor by double clicking it
    2. or multi select flavors using the standard selection features of ALV Grids
  4. Once you selected the flavor(s) or have the details flavor view open, please click the export button
  5. Your SAP GUI should  open a file download popup

Flavor import

SAP Screen Personas 3.0 supports importing flavors that have been previously exported as zip field. First go to the flavor maintenance as described in the last section. On the first screen, click the import button. This will open a file dialog for you to select the file that is to be imported. After a successful import, all imported flavors will be shown in the flavor list.

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